Sudam Fernando

Tip #84 : Adding to layer using the plan view

Blog Post created by Sudam Fernando on Aug 23, 2019

In TBC, we are always looking for ways to make our workflows as fast as possible. Today I will show you another way to minimize your clicking and scrolling time. 


Let us look at the data set below, it is a digital design and I have been asked to perform data prep on this data set. I have been tasked to create an offset line to represent the back of the curb of this road



I enter the offset line command and here we fill in the necessary information needed to create our offset, but when selecting a layer, rather than clicking on the drop down list, we are able to simply select a member of the same layer from the plan view as such. 




We know the back of the curb will be in the same layer as the curb, hence we can simply select the curb in the plan view to give our offset line the same layer !



Special Thanks to Rui Wu for suggesting this Tip !


Hope this Tip comes in handy, the next time you are using TBC !