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Looking for specific commands in TBC can be somewhat tedious due to its growing list of commands. With this weeks tip we can stop wasting time searching for the command we need using the command pane


The command pane is one of the most useful tools in TBC which allows us to access all of the commands in TBC just by pressing F12 on your keyboard. 


By pressing F12 on our keyboard we are welcomed to this window where we can simply type in the command we want and the command will appear as such : 

From here, we can select the command and the commands pane will open up ! 


Hope this tip comes in handy the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !

We have all had times when we have created surfaces but there are unnecessary surface triangles in our surface model. Yes, we can clean these triangles using the ‘Trim Surface Edge’ command but using today’s tip you can easily remove those unnecessary surface triangles using one simple trick ! 


Below we have a point cloud region of which we will be creating a surface from 

From this ground region we will create a surface, which is shown below : 




From this surface we see some surface triangles that we need to remove. So we can simply go to the project explorer and open up the properties panel for the surface. From here we can navigate to the maximum edge length option. This specifies what the maximum triangle edge length allowed on the edge of your surface. 




Here, we will enter a value which is an acceptable edge length for our project and the surface will recompute as shown below : 



And Viola ! The surface edges have been trimmed ! You are also able to set the maximum edge length prior to starting your project using the Project Settings as well ! 


Simply open your Project setting navigate to the computations folder and in the surface tab, simply change your edge length ! 



Hope this Tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center ! 

September 25th at 8am Mountain time
As geospatial and construction deliverables continue to build more efficient and productive BIM workflows, an increasingly popular format for data exchange between all parties is the IFC (Industry Foundational Classes) format. Trimble enables surveyors to join BIM workflows with the recent enhancements to better support IFCs in Trimble Access field software and Trimble Business Center (TBC) office software. Attend this TBC Power Hour to learn how to take structural models from industry-leading software like Tekla or Revit, import into TBC for georeferencing and data prep computations, then send to Trimble Access for field staking and review. Guest host Kevin Kinahan, from Trimble’s United Kingdom Geospatial Partner KOREC, will showcase a real-world project and workflow with IFC files, starting with the completed engineering model in Tekla, through to TBC, and ultimately Trimble Access. 
Attendees will learn how to:
- Import + view IFC geometry + data within TBC
- Extract points + lines from IFC files
- Rotate + move IFC files to georeference on coordinates
- Export IFC files from TBC
- Import IFC files + use for active maps + stakeout in Trimble Access 
See you there!

Tired of always having to rotate your views to a specific spot to QA your data or want to share a specific perspective of your data to others ? Well using today’s tip, you can do exactly that ! 


The command ‘Defined Views’ can be used in both Plan view and 3D view to easily define views that we want to view later. 


To access this command, we must first go to the Support Ribbon and select ‘Defined Views’ and the ‘Defined views’ command will open as shown below 




Then we must simply have the view want to be defined in either 3D or Plan View and select the thumbnail in the command. Then we must name the view as shown below 






We can have multiple defined views in both 3D and Plan view and delete them by selecting the thumbnail of the view and clicking the garbage can icon on the far right. 


For each of the defined view TBC creates a view filter and we are able to select using the filter list : 



Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !