Joe Blecha

September 2019 TBC Power Hour Announcement - IFC Workflows

Blog Post created by Joe Blecha on Sep 16, 2019
September 25th at 8am Mountain time
As geospatial and construction deliverables continue to build more efficient and productive BIM workflows, an increasingly popular format for data exchange between all parties is the IFC (Industry Foundational Classes) format. Trimble enables surveyors to join BIM workflows with the recent enhancements to better support IFCs in Trimble Access field software and Trimble Business Center (TBC) office software. Attend this TBC Power Hour to learn how to take structural models from industry-leading software like Tekla or Revit, import into TBC for georeferencing and data prep computations, then send to Trimble Access for field staking and review. Guest host Kevin Kinahan, from Trimble’s United Kingdom Geospatial Partner KOREC, will showcase a real-world project and workflow with IFC files, starting with the completed engineering model in Tekla, through to TBC, and ultimately Trimble Access. 
Attendees will learn how to:
- Import + view IFC geometry + data within TBC
- Extract points + lines from IFC files
- Rotate + move IFC files to georeference on coordinates
- Export IFC files from TBC
- Import IFC files + use for active maps + stakeout in Trimble Access 
See you there!