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5.20 is out !  Along with this new release, we have some great new features that have enhanced the overall experience and usability of TBC. One of these features is a new method to easily pick scan stations for registration purposes. In a project with a large number of scans, it can be difficult to keep track of which scans in your graphical views corresponds to which scan station. Using this enhancement, you will be able to easily distinguish between your scans


Lets look at the following project below as an example, I have 59 scans. We can clearly see that the scans highlighted in blue have not been properly registered. Due to the number of scans it is extremely difficult to know which scan station these scans belong to…..until now. 



If you navigate to the ‘Register Scans’ command, regardless of which registration method you are using (Plane-Based or Pairwise) you will see this new tool. Using this scan picker you can select your scan in your graphical view and the scan station which the scan belongs to will be highlighted. 






And after your scan station has been highlighted, you may ‘Unlink’ and perform registration once more. 




Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using TBC !

Joe Blecha

TBC v5.20 Released

Posted by Joe Blecha Nov 18, 2019

TBC v5.20 is here!  Download this latest release for Trimble X7, Trimble SiteVision, and Trimble Clarity support, as well as new tools to parametrically elevate linework, an aerial photogrammetry engine update, improved workflows to digitalize cross-section plan sheets, and more.


For full information on the new features and enhancements (and to download your copy!), visit What's new in TBC v5.20 | Trimble Geospatial 

View, measure, and share your point cloud and survey data online in Trimble Clarity from the new publishing routine in TBC.  From Trimble SX10, TX8, MX9, X7, and any other sensor you can think of, bring it to TBC, publish to Clarity, then share with your clients!  Join us this month to learn more about the new Trimble Clarity.


TBC Power Hour - Publishing to Trimble Clarity from TBC - Wednesday, November 20th at 8am US Mountain.

Getting familiar with a new workflow in TBC can be daunting but we as we all know, we have the TBC tutorials that can help us get off the ground using the provided data sets. Now, after we are familiar with the tutorial data set and we want to use our own data sets, what do we do ? Well we could follow the workflow described in the tutorial or we can use the instructions for workflows in the Help document ! 


The major workflows instructions are an additional method of getting familiar with the workflows within TBC. These instructions walk you through some of the major workflows within TBC with the links to commands straight within the help document. Lets say, I finished the tutorial for ‘Performing a network adjustment’ and I would like to perform a network adjustment of my own survey data. 


First you would have to go to the ‘Support’ ribbon and select the ‘Help’ button or simply hit ‘F1’ on your keyboard to open the command. 



If you aren't already, navigate to the ‘Welcome to Trimble Business Center Help’ page and here you will see the workflows with the fast track instructions. I will go ahead and select the ‘Adjust Network’ workflow




and here, I am given the reason behind network adjustment along with the steps to reproduce this workflow. selecting the commands on the right side will also open that command in your TBC project. 


Along with the tutorials and these fast track workflows, hope you can get started on different workflows TBC has to offer !