Sudam Fernando

Tip # 96 : Breaking apart objects using the explode command

Blog Post created by Sudam Fernando on Jan 10, 2020

Welcome back to a brand new year of TBC ! We can kick off 2020’s collection of tips by learning how we can break apart any objects that contain multiple components for further modifications, moving or even exporting individual components. 


Let's take the following surface as an example, created using a corridor, but we want to be able to access the CAD objects used to create the corridor. 




To achieve this, we must navigate to the Explode command in the ‘Edit’ tab under the ‘CAD’ ribbon. Here we can select which objects we want to break apart. 



In the Explode command, we can go ahead and select our surface to be exploded.‘Delete blocks after exploding’ checkbox refers to situations where you do not want to retain the original block as well as the exploded components. 




and after exploding, we can see that the surface has exploded into 15 individual components which we can now modify, move or even export 





Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !


Have a great year !