Sudam Fernando

Tip # 97 : Expanding functionality using TML's

Blog Post created by Sudam Fernando on Jan 17, 2020

As we all know, TBC is home to an abundant amount of commands and functions that help our ease our workflows, but there may be times when we need something very specific that the current commands are not capable of doing. This is where the use of TML’s comes in, where we are able to create functions that are specific to different use case scenarios. 



Where do we find TML’s ? and How do we know what they do ? 


All these answers can be answered by visiting the Macros community page : 


In this page, we can download the TML status extension provided by Rockpile Solutions which allows us to easily access and add extensions into TBC straight within TBC. 


In this community page we can see all the TML’s created by Trimble and a description of what each TML offers. Here we see TML’s by our very own Gary Lantaff. 




Once we have the TML status extension added to TBC, we can navigate to the Macros tab and open the command. 




Here we can see all the TML’s created by either Trimble or Rockpile Solutions that can be added to your TBC by selecting the command and selecting ‘Update’. 

note : The TML’s by Rockpile Solutions are licensed. 


Here we have added the ‘Exploded Surface’ TML and once TBC restarts, it can be seen in the Macros tab under ‘Surfaces’ 








We highly recommend getting familiar with all the available TML’s as they may suit your project needs and make your workflows faster and more efficient. 


Hope this tip comes in handy, the next time you are using Trimble Business Center !