Rui Wu

NGS xGeoid19B in Trimble GGF Format

Blog Post created by Rui Wu on Jun 18, 2020

Today TBC only ships with the official geoid model 18 published by National Geodetic Survey (NGS), but some users need to use the NGS experimental geoid models 2019 for certain applications. More information about these geoid models can be found here: Experimental Geoid Models 2019 (xGEOID19) | GEOID | Data & Imagery | National Geodetic Survey .

We have converted the NGS xGeoid19B bin file to the GGF format, so it can be consumed directly with Coordinate System Manager. 


Download the xGeoid19B.ggf


Product Disclaimer

The GGF was converted from an experimental geoid model using a legacy Trimble software, we do not make any warranties about the completeness, reliability, and accuracy of this information. Please use it with caution.