• Firmware  Pro XH

    I'm attempting to update the firmware on our Pro XH  v1.80 to v2.4 after that  i can’t get SBAS signal  
    Hamada Afroun
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  • How can I see notes in a pointlist / spreadsheet in TBC?

    How can I see the notes, I added to my measurements in the field, in a pointlist / spreadsheet in TBC?
    Carsten Merkel
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  • TBC import error

    I have a customer who has been receiving this error message when importing survey data into TBC, he is running the free version of TBC (V3.4). He says he only sometimes receives this error message and in turn has to m...
    Kirk van Maanen
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  • Convert the processed data to rinex from the job file not the raw observation

    My survey contactor did the network observations and process it in tbc he needs to deliver it in rinex format.   He cannot get the observation after editing this job in rinex   Is it possible to do from TB...
    Sherif Gomaa
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  • Existe um forum em português direcionado para público brasileiro? "Is there a forum in Portuguese aimed at the Brazilian public?"

    Gostaria de saber da existência de algum fórum que seja no idioma português para que possamos trocar assuntos relacionados ao Business Center. Sou um usuário iniciante em se tratand...
    Cláudio Leite
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  • Hi, I am using trimble TBC version 5.0.  i have problem to change coordinate system from coordinate manager always shoe error ( open the coordinate system manager to repair the file) . I try many times but fail to repair. Please give some method to overco

    hi, I am using Trimble business centre version 5.0. I have an error when want to change the coordinate system. always ask for repair. Even I uninstall and install the software still the same error. please check my att...
    janagi raman
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  • version 5.0 Point cloud export to .rcp error

    I was trying to export a .rcp file so that it could be inserted to civil 3D and I get the following export failure message. Anyone???
    john blaikie
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  • Tip of the Week #59 - Freehand (Lasso) Selection

    Come one, come all! Tip of the Week time is upon us. This weeks Tip is on a little known selection method that is shared with Trimble Realworks, the Freehand (or Lasso) Select!   We all know of the Rectangle Sele...
    Matt McLean
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  • When i try to import a .to2 file in TBC for base line processing the start time of the file is always wrong it always goes to XX/XX/1982 but it was logged on XX/XX/2018. i cant figure it why it is so

    Rishu Verma
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  • Critical Alert - Software Patch for 'Publish to Clarity' Available

      A production issue was identified by the Trimble Clarity team on July 12, 2018 where the ‘Publish to Clarity’ upload functionality became unavailable for those users on Trimble Clarity Publisher ver...
    Joe Blecha
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  • GIS utility data import--Attaching elevations

    Hello all,   I'm currently working on a project in TBC 4.00 and have imported my utility data (linework) into TBC from GIS via shp files.  That seems to work fine, but what I'm needing to do is attach ...
    Jason Combs
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  • Problems Calculating Surface Volumes in TBC

    Hello everyone,    I'm pretty new using TBC and I´d like to know if there is a way to obtain surfaces volumes without using the +Cut/fill map tool. Pc's in my work place are not that powerful and I lo...
    Oswaldo Garcia
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  • TBC May 2018 Power Hour Announcement!

    Learn about how TBC Tunneling module can increase your capabilities to stake-out, as-built, and report on tunnels in this month's TBC Power Hour on Wednesday, May 23rd.   Going underground with TBC... in Tunnels...
    Joe Blecha
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  • local using ''Coordinate System Manager''. Can someone helps ?

    I have created a local site using ''Coordinate System Manager''. That site has a local GEOID that I have added to the new local site.I attached the local site step-by-step creation screenshot. Though when I enter a G...
    Kalilou TRAORE
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  • Trimble Business Center Field to Finish Webinar

    Join Keystone Precision Instruments on 10/31 at 9am EST for an hour long TBC Field-to-Finish webinar. When you register you have an opportunity to submit questions or areas you'd like our experts to discuss.   M...
    Andy Livingston
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