• I tried importing a xml file into trimble business center but i keep getting this error "a suitable importer could not be found"

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  • Trimble Business Center Group on Trimble Community

    Hello Everyone,   This group was formed as a general public forum for all things Trimble Business Center (TBC).  Some of the the information you can find here is: How can I....? - FAQ and other user questi...
    Riley Smith
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  • Structured exports for point cloud formats in TBC

    Can we get Structured/Gridded file formats for point cloud formats out of TBC the same as we can get out of TRW? There is a high demand for structured/Gridded data for exports such as E57 and RCP, and currently w...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • ALWAYS notify users of ANY change to data on import

    While significant improvements have been made on importing point clouds into TBC. We have introduced a very dangerous precedence in that when importing data TBC is at times shifting data or applying scale factors to d...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • RWP export from TBC

    Why can't we export a Trimble Realworks project directly from TBC? Why is there a need to create a TDX file at all? This seems like an arbitrary step where we are just creating more files again (TZFs etc) for a proc...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • Better information about what file formats support

    Hi team, Can we get more details in the help for TBC on the specifics about what a particular file format supports in terms of what TBC can handle compared to what is in the schema for that file format. Currently whi...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • POINT CLOUDS: Keep selection subset when adding to regions

    When using the keep in and keep out options in point cloud processing to create a subset of the data, can TBC keep the subset if part of the data has been shifted to a new region and there are still points remaining i...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • Increase Memory able to be used by TBC past Half available.

    Can we look at increasing the available memory TBC can use on a machine? It is currently set to 2GB by default for point clouds, this can manually be increased in the Options window to half the available memory on the...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • TBC Power Hour Announcement!

    #tbc #powerhour announcement!   Utilize CAD Command Line to Maximize Productivity6/24/20 @ 8am MDT.   Join the TBC team and our friend Joe Hicks with Conaway Geomatics, Inc. a...
    Jeffrey Ryan
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  • TBC 5.3 vs TBC 5.2 Confidence Intervals

    Good afternoon,   After several years of explaining the difference between what the TSC3 user sees in the field for precision and what the office is showing for precision in files, and reading other posts about ...
    John Becker
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  • Extracting Trees in the woods

    I just want to see what kind of luck other people have had extracting trees using the Extract Point Feature in the woods. Personally our results have been hit or miss. If the ground is reasonably flat with light brush...
    James Barnett
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  • Looking for User Feedback

    Hello, my name is David Donnell and I am a User Experience Designer on the TBC team. My focus is on making TBC easier to use. Currently, the team and I are working on updating and improving the way data is managed and...
    David Donnell
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  • Processing OPUS through TBC

    I have become accustom to using the web portal Trimble has for processing my .T02 files through OPUS (gnss-processor.trimbleaccess.com).  It’s nice and easy to drag and drop the file.  Once the .T02 fi...
    Kristopher James
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  • TBC V5.2 Post-Processing Issues

    Does anybody else have any issue when post-processing static GNSS data since they upgrade to TBC5.2 (and V5.1)? I did a post processing project in V5.0, then upgrade to V5.2 and re-processed the baselines and suddenl...
    Danie Roelvert
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  • FXL File in TSC3 Data Collector

    We are having an issue with our FXL file when loaded to a project on our TSC3.  When the fxl file is loaded and the PC goes to review the map, no points are displayed and no DXF is displayed.  When the FXL f...
    Dustin Spillman
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  • Command Dialog Similar to Autocad

    enhancement request   Alan Sharp   Has there been any thought to adding a dialog/command line option to access commands similar to AutoCAD so a user can switch to a "transparent" command while in another o...
    Matt Voge
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    I was wondering if there was a way to offset a point cloud.    Thanks, Ben
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Bug! Slope construction faulty!

    When I construct a slope from a line to a surface, I get a wrong result! TBC creates the blue line, but the yellow line is correct.   I know that this issue is described in the TBC-manual and you can get a bet...
    Titus Emanuel
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  • Add Measure Codes functionality from Access, to TBC

    We have been dealing with point clouds a lot recently, both terrestrial and aerial, and once concern we are constantly hitting is the lengthy process it currently takes to extract relevant information from point cloud...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • TBC Network Adjustment - 3 requests

    #1) Please add the ability to create Variance Component Groups as we had in TrimNet Plus. We need to be able to treat GNSS observations differently depending on their type, such as static, RTK, VRS, etc. Also, if NGS ...
    Jesse Kozlowski
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