• TBC V5.2 Post-Processing Issues

    Does anybody else have any issue when post-processing static GNSS data since they upgrade to TBC5.2 (and V5.1)? I did a post processing project in V5.0, then upgrade to V5.2 and re-processed the baselines and suddenl...
    Danie Roelvert
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  • Trimble Business Center Group on Trimble Community

    Hello Everyone,   This group was formed as a general public forum for all things Trimble Business Center (TBC).  Some of the the information you can find here is: How can I....? - FAQ and other user questi...
    Riley Smith
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  • FXL File in TSC3 Data Collector

    We are having an issue with our FXL file when loaded to a project on our TSC3.  When the fxl file is loaded and the PC goes to review the map, no points are displayed and no DXF is displayed.  When the FXL f...
    Dustin Spillman
    created by Dustin Spillman
  • Command Dialog Similar to Autocad

    enhancement request   Alan Sharp   Has there been any thought to adding a dialog/command line option to access commands similar to AutoCAD so a user can switch to a "transparent" command while in another o...
    Matt Voge
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    I was wondering if there was a way to offset a point cloud.    Thanks, Ben
    Ben Ryschon
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  • Bug! Slope construction faulty!

    When I construct a slope from a line to a surface, I get a wrong result! TBC creates the blue line, but the yellow line is correct.   I know that this issue is described in the TBC-manual and you can get a bet...
    Titus Emanuel
    created by Titus Emanuel
  • Add Measure Codes functionality from Access, to TBC

    We have been dealing with point clouds a lot recently, both terrestrial and aerial, and once concern we are constantly hitting is the lengthy process it currently takes to extract relevant information from point cloud...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • TBC Network Adjustment - 3 requests

    #1) Please add the ability to create Variance Component Groups as we had in TrimNet Plus. We need to be able to treat GNSS observations differently depending on their type, such as static, RTK, VRS, etc. Also, if NGS ...
    Jesse Kozlowski
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  • TBC 5.20 -bug - selection lists for surfaces

    The selection lists for surfaces (drop-down) ar sorted in the order of the creation of the surfaces. The please should be sorted by name.
    Titus Emanuel
    created by Titus Emanuel
  • Register Scans - Pairwise enhancements

    Couple of things when looking at the Pairwise tool when registering scans in TBC: Auto-Align: It can be annoying having this setting being always on by default when running a registration, currently every time a pai...
    Ross McAtamney
    created by Ross McAtamney
  • Imported files listing

    Is there a way to list all my imported files - I have a "master" job and want to check that I've imported all the daily Survey jobs.
    John Mill
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  • Issues exporting 2D elevation/vertical data from TBC

    I wanted to open this can of worms again as it seems that this has come up a couple of times previously and it seems that TBC is still having issues.   If we are looking at TBC being able to offer a complete CAD...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • Importing VCE files into one another

    There are certain workflows we are struggling with in TBC with the inability to import VCE files into one another (or even be able to reference different filetypes into TBC).   While not limited to, it is partic...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • TBC CAD functions still need work

    I'm trying my best to like TBC.  A lot of the things it does are quick/clever but if the TBC developers want it to be all things to all users, they've still got a long way to go with the basic CAD functions. ...
    Dene Oehme
    created by Dene Oehme
  • National Geodetic Survey seeking input on GNSS Vector Exchange (GVX) file format

    Greetings Folks, sharing this link here in the hopes that some of the Trimble developers may see it and be interested in providing any feedback.  One potential with this file format is to allow users to upload RT...
    Jeff Jalbrzikowski
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  • Retain keep in / keep out point cloud selection

    When using the keep in / keep out point cloud selection, it would be good to retain the left over points in the view (if there are some) to continue with breaking down the selection afterwards.   So for example ...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • Datum Adjustment for Point Clouds

    Possibly this already exists however I am not finding it. I think it would be very helpful to have a tool that would allow a vertical shit (either +/-) to a point cloud group, without having to re-run though the refer...
    James Nicolau
    created by James Nicolau
  • Why does feature linework not draw in point number order?

    When we combine multiple jobs files and send out a single job file with all the points the linework jumps. Example: point 31101 (edge of asphalt) 1549 ea      Inverse between 31101 &am...
    James Barnett
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  • Digitizing PDF Cross Sections, Wanted Feature

    When digitizing pdf cross sections, it would be nice if when in the digitizing window, a right click would also give an option to create a point based on station and offset rather than having to left click a point the...
    Scott Threet
    created by Scott Threet
  • Edit Linestring Vertical Command / Smart Reference Elevations

    enhancement request Alan Sharp   Enhancement request in the Vertical Tab, Location Type.  Has the development team considered adding under the location type drop down selection tool of adding an add elevat...
    Matt Voge
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