• Combining trajectories from PPK for a weighted solution?

    Hello all,   I am afraid I know the answer to this already, but I figured it was worth a shot to ask:   Is there a way to combine trajectory solutions from different reference stations so as to yield a wei...
    Eric Glaves
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  • Tip #107 : Extract Ground or Classify Regions ?

    With the release of 5.30, you may have noticed that the ‘Extract Ground’ command is no longer in the point cloud ribbon ! You may be wondering if it's gone and if so, did you lose the ability to automatica...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • Tip of the Week #106: Flatten Surface Command

    Good afternoon TBC’ers! Have you ever wanted to flatten vegetation in a surface that you created to generate a clearer view of the ground surface? Well, the new flatten surface command in TBC version 5.30 remove...
    Erin Johnson
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  • Point Cloud RAM setting

    How is the Point Clouds - Rendering memory cache size setting controlled? In v5.21 I set it to use half my memory (ends up being 15.90), and each time I get back into this VCE file is reverts to 2.00
    Robert Hoy
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  • **TBC v5.30 Now Available!**

    Hello TBC users, On behalf of the TBC marketing and engineering product team, it is my pleasure to announce that TBC v5.30 is available for download today, Monday, April 27th, 2020! Download Here - or u...
    Jeffrey Ryan
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  • TBC insert company logo into Sheet Set

    I have been working my way through Alan Sharp's drafting tutorials. I cannot work out how to insert a company logo jpg or pdf file into a Sheet Set. #TBC
    Mark Bennett
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  • Trimble Business Center Group on Trimble Community

    Hello Everyone,   This group was formed as a general public forum for all things Trimble Business Center (TBC).  Some of the the information you can find here is: How can I....? - FAQ and other user questi...
    Riley Smith
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  • Autobid Move Relocate Symbol Text Location

    In either Autobid Mechanical or Sheetmetal, after I have placed a symbol, the text will be sometime automatically be located on top of the take-off. How can I move the text off to the side? Is there a way to set this ...
    Christine Brown
    created by Christine Brown
  • Tip #105 : Understanding the different Icons in the project explorer

    The project explorer can be a very powerful tool when using Trimble Business Center, allowing us to see all of the data that is in our project in an organized manner, as well as all of the raw data from the field. How...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • FXL Creation from scratch - Process Tear-down

    I have spent the last couple of days putting an existing code library into an FXL, and wanted to share some pain, thoughts and feelings on the process for anyone interested.   I also want to share some pain...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • TBC in Amazon Work Space

    This past week we started moving to AWS and when we installed TBC it seemed to go just fine. When we tried using it, not so fine. The program opens without an issue, but when opening or creating a job, an error window...
    Jason Weiss
    created by Jason Weiss
  • TBC Custom Reports

    One for the TBC developers,   Having the custom reports is a great way to setup individual reports with specific information and business logo etc.   Having only 8 reports is very limiting, why not be able...
    aaron bundy
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  • Is there a way to create a point along a 3d line.

    I have a Beginning point and Ending point that are both elevated about 40 feet apart horiz. I would like a new point on-line between these existing points, and on the same grade. Cogo allows for Bearing and Distance, ...
    Jason Weiss
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  • Having Trouble opening Windows Mobile Device Center in Windows 10

    I recently bought a new laptop that is using windows 10. My previous Laptop was using windows 7, the windows Mobile device center worked well in windows and i was able to download data from the TSC 3. However in windo...
    Lawrence Sylvester
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  • Processing OPUS through TBC

    I have become accustom to using the web portal Trimble has for processing my .T02 files through OPUS (gnss-processor.trimbleaccess.com).  It’s nice and easy to drag and drop the file.  Once the .T02 fi...
    Kristopher James
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  • visualization in Access 2019.11 of an alignment

    I have an alignment that I am exporting from TBC to TSC7 with TA 2019.11. Why am I unable to see the curves in TSC7 when  I can do it in TBC. (see attachements)
    Juan Serpas
    created by Juan Serpas
  • Drafting Templates

    TBC version 5.2 Drafting Templates are now linked to the coordinate system used thus, when you are using a coordinate system in the Southern Hemisphere increasing South/West, the template is rotated to face that direc...
    Terison Kurimwi
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  • Trimble sx10 error code

    Trimble sx10 error code
    trans project
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  • Tip #104: Changing the Display Settings of Image Files

    Good afternoon TBC’ers! Have you ever imported an image but was not satisfied with its’ display? Wishing you could change some display settings? Well, today I will be showing you how to change the display ...
    Erin Johnson
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  • TBC warning needs rephrasing - Bottom notch measurement is incompatible with Custom prism.

    Hi, I measured a traverse with Access and measured station and target heights to the bottom notch. But I used a custom prism constant. Now, when I drag'n drop the Job file into TBC 5.20.2 it complains "The height m...
    Ronny Schneider
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