• Does the NGS Critical Update of their GEOID18 little endian and ascii grid files impact Trimble's Geoid18US.ggf files?

    I'm not sure how Trimble creates their .ggf files, but on Monday December 9th the NGS is going to announce:     NGS Industry Partners- I am writing to give you advance notice of a Critical Update to the GE...
    David Hall
    created by David Hall
  • TBC Tips Vault

    Here you'll find all TBC Tips linked and accessible for viewing (and re-viewing!):   To download a PDF containing all below tips (as of April 1, 2019) click here.           Fiel...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Tip # 93 : Exporting to Sitevision straight from TBC !

    With Trimble Sitevision released, you are able to use Augmented Reality technology to bring your data to life and visualize your data in the real world. With this new release, TBC has introduced the ability to export ...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • Tip of the Week #12 - Creating Orthorectified Image for Facade Reconstruction - Using Multiple Stations

    Do you projects require facade or vertical wall reconstruction or modeling or vertical surface (e.g. facades)? If so, then you might find this tip being useful to you. In some projects, it’s impossible to find ...
    Boris Skopljak
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  • Add Measure Codes functionality from Access, to TBC

    We have been dealing with point clouds a lot recently, both terrestrial and aerial, and once concern we are constantly hitting is the lengthy process it currently takes to extract relevant information from point cloud...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • ECW images in TBC

    Can I import an ECW image into TBC v5.10? (Looks like only TIFF, JPG, BMP etc...)?
    Mike Trenor
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  • Import error

    Hi Does anyone know if there is a bug in TBC V5.20 related to the import of SPJ files? In the attachment the error messages it is on two different computers.
    Niels Timmermans
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  • Create Linestring start screen

    What do you all think about moving the Create Linestring start screen shown here to the following linestring creation screen similar to the other Create Points, Polyline, Circle and Rectangle commands do? It could als...
    Joe Hicks
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  • TBC Power Hour Vault

    Here you'll find links to recordings and tentative schedules for the TBC Power Hour sessions:   2015 August - Volumetric Computation Workflows September - Survey Feature Coding and Attribution October - How t...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Error using surfaces in dynaview

    I use TBC 5.20. I created two surfaces. The shading-settings for the planview are set to "by colour". One surface is red, the other one ist blue. I want to print the surfaces using a dynaview. But in the dynaview, bo...
    Titus Emanuel
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  • Feature Request - Layer Manager Categorize

    When creating a new layer in the layer manager have a selection box to designate which "Category" it needs to be placed in and possibly ability to assign site improvement to it.  This feature will assist in our u...
    Travis Infinger
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  • Feature Request - Screen Adjust with Selection

    When making a selection / window can the screen move in whichever direction we are trying to select if we reach the limits of our screen without having to pan to get more information within the selection window.
    Travis Infinger
    last modified by Travis Infinger
  • TBC Network Adjustment - 3 requests

    #1) Please add the ability to create Variance Component Groups as we had in TrimNet Plus. We need to be able to treat GNSS observations differently depending on their type, such as static, RTK, VRS, etc. Also, if NGS ...
    Jesse Kozlowski
    last modified by Jesse Kozlowski
  • Feature Request - Filled Closed Lines in a Design

    2 votes
    Maybe this already exists and I just haven't found it yet, but I would like to be able to export closed linework into a design for both SCS900 and Siteworks where the line carries the "draw filled" property into the d...
    Katie Byron
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  • Feature request - Create surface connections

    2 votes
    The funkction "Create surface connections" should be improved. In the (german) help center I find this:     If there is a breakline (for example al slope) in the surface, the created cut line does not tak...
    Titus Emanuel
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  • Feature requests - selection in sheet view

    1 vote
    It should be possible in the sheet view to select only the objects of the sheet. By now always the objects of the sheet set are also selected. But I just want to copy the objects of the sheet to another sheet. The obj...
    Titus Emanuel
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  • Feature request: Quick zoom in TBC

    4 votes
    When working with point clouds in Realworks, there is a very handy function which I think is called quick zoom. It is basically a keyboard toggle that will zoom into where the mouse is currently pointing. This is real...
    Damian Macrae
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  • where do I find an as-staked style sheet that will include the timestamp of the vectors?

    I am trying to create a simple raw data As-Staked document that includes the date and timestamp. can anyone tell me if they have created one or knows of where I can find one? I do not see anything similar on the style...
    Scott Catron
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  • Feature Request - Cut/Fill Standard

    Cut-Fill Map to show Cuts & Fills by Red & Blue.   - Darker the Red = Deeper CUT - Darker the Blue = Deeper FILL - OG Stripped to FG with SG Adjusted - 40' Grid - 0.12 Decimal   Would like to...
    Travis Infinger
    created by Travis Infinger
  • Takeoff Report - Site Improvement Excel Modify

    Are we able to modify reporting of site improvements?  Is there a way to make all items Categorized as "Original" report on one tab and "Design" on another in excel?   Currently reporting only some items on...
    Travis Infinger
    created by Travis Infinger