• Exporting variance-covariance matrix after LSQ adjustment?

    Hi all,   I would like to export the variance-covariance matrix of the estimated coordinates after doing a least squares adjustment in TBC in order to do further analysis. Is this possible? I know you can do thi...
    Joe Rando
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  • TBC rectified image

    Hi, I got a message from my TBC: Orthorectification is not supported on your computer!!!! I have a Lenovo P15V. How to resolve situation?  
    Edgars Pinkovskis
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  • NAD 83(Conus) VS NAD 83(2011) in TBC

    We are starting out a job in FL. My project is in NAD 83(2011) per the plan. In TBC, I do not see this as an option. Additionally, when creating a job in Trimble Sync Manager, this is not an option. I am wondering if ...
    Sean McCarthy
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  • Problems with Trimble Catalyst on Xiaomi devices

    Hi all.   Long story short - we have tested Trimble Catalyst on multiple devices (Android 10, Samsung Galaxy s9+, Samsung XCover Pro) and it works well (no interruptions or connection drops) and reliably (we hav...
    Peter Kucera
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  • Entry Point Not Found... Error when I try to export RCP

    The procedure entry point?CommunicationLostEvent@SlaveTask@castor@@EEAAXXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library C:\ProgramFiles\Trimble\Trimble Business Center\TrimbleCodec_100.rcip.      A...
    Katy Kuecker
    created by Katy Kuecker

    Hi there. I'm using TSC7 controller with S8 jigger and R10 rover. I have to connect it to IDS Stream-C ground-penetrating radar. Does anyone know how to do it? I managed to connect it to Leica CS15 controller TS15 jig...
    Artur Bielicki
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  • Hi, new to Accubid Classic - Does anyone know this program?

    Hi I am new to Accubid Classic - Does anyone know this program?
    James Stephens
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  • ASAP. TSC7 is exploding an alignment upon import

    I have imported a simple dxf with 4 lines. When I view it on the map and go to stakeout, the line has been exploded into small sections with points separating the section at equidistantes. When I view the DXF on my pc...
    Jody Savage
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  • Delete Duplicate Text Command

    I know that this has come up in the past but wanted to get it back on the radar again. We have so much duplicate text that builds up from XREFs and updates. This seems like a logical addition to Project Clean Up?? Th...
    Thomas Mauriello
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  • Trimble Business Center

    all i want to do is place points at certain stations and offsets of an alignment. yes, i can do it in a round about by placing a point along the line at a certain offset distance but i want to be able to key in the ac...
    Perry Semones
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  • Eporting to KMZ with photo's from project for sharing

    After exporting a file from TBC with photos at all the as staked points to a kmz file once the kmz file is emailed to another user or client the photo's are not attached to the points anymore.  Is there an additi...
    Ian Major
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  • Is there a way to find/replace text in TBC?  Maybe a macro?

    Other CAD programs (AutoCAD) have a "find" command that allows the user to search for text and replace it if needed.  Is there any way to do that in TBC?  Or is there a macro is available?
    Ted Schwartzhoff
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  • Does Windows Mobile Device Center work in Win10? Cannot use Data Collector on Trimble device

    How can we pull data from Trimble devices in Windows 10? Using Windows Mobile Device Center will not work in Windows 10. Please advise.
    Chase Smith
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  • hello, my name is Tarlan, I have been using devices from the Trimble company for 3 years already, or rather I have a totalstation and R8 receivers, I also have a pragram trimble business center, but I just can't get a 19-digit code to activate a license,

    Tarlan Safarov
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  • Repeating Point Codes in Exported CSV

    Hello,   Some of our surveyors are experiencing an issue opening a linked file for one of our main TBC's. Upon further investigation, it seems that when a CSV is exported, random point codes will duplicate many ...
    Jarek Haverluk
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  • How do I obtain a 30 day trial license?

    I have a partial license but would like to try out some additional features.  How do I get a trial full version?
    Mark Turrin
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  • Survey Tab: Internet Download

    Is anyone else experiencing issues with trying to download ephemeris's for baseline processing with TBC 5.32? It is not working for me with version 5.32.  I get the following message:   going manually to ...
    Jon cowan
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  • Survey Tab; Internet Download Issue

    Running TBC 5.32; Is anyone else having problems downloading Ephemeris's" It appears that the links are wrong? I get this message:  I never needed a user name or password before.   Jon Cowan, PLS Main...
    Jon cowan
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  • TSC7 stylus dont work at the edges of screen

    We have been having problems with the stylus not working on the edges of the screen. Is there a solution for this problem?
    Juan Serpas
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  • How do I show standard deviations to 4 decimal places in TBC?

    In TBC, I can run a network adjustment and the report can show the coordinates up to 4,5,6,etc. decimal places. How do I set it so that the standard deviations (aka. "northing error/easting error/elevation error") are...
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