• Creating Points on Edited Linestrings

    Hello,   First time poster here...   Our TBC / C3D workflow is such that we edit surveyed linestrings in TBC. The editing could involve any of the following:   Moving / deleting points Trimming, ext...
    Andrew Walther
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  • TBC V3.7 Shutdown Error

    Hello everyone, first time poster here. My company works off of V3.7. It has been working for a very long time, up until about Wednesday of last week. The program will attempt to load up, but will immediately shutdown...
    Mason Broadway
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  • Invalid Leap Seconds in TBC processing

    I processed some GNSS data from yesterday (July 7, 2020; day 189) in TBC 5.20. I use the baseline processing report in my workflow, it is a critical link between the processing in TBC and everything I do with the data...
    John Hamilton
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  • How to remove point clouds outside 2D trajectory polygon?

    Hi I need to remove some points outside the 2D polygon. How can I do that? I tried to find the way but I did not get it. Is there any way to remove points that have elevation data from 2D data? Fyi, I use TBC version...
    Atika Marwati
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  • How to use line control codes in the field?

    I have made a feature library that includes line control codes that I want to use in the field during a topo survey. I have made a beginning code that creates a new line sequence and also an ending code that closes th...
    Jody Savage
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  • RXL error message in TBC 5.3

    Is any one else having issues exporting RXLs from TBC v.5.3?  I keep getting the same error message.  I have tried it on several computers with no success.  It works fine on older versions though.
    Nicholas Fowles
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  • How to plot a point cloud in TBC?

    I'm trying to move away from Autodesk products and complete more projects with TBC, I can't seem to plot point clouds with my drawings. I have attached a sample that I plotted with Civil 3D.
    John Whidden
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  • Point cloud clean up

    Hi,   In TBC-HCE Point cloud features I can not find the way how to clean the point cloud from bad reflection points. Generaly I need create ground surface with approximation of ideal elevation where cloud ...
    Atika Marwati
    created by Atika Marwati
  • Possible bug report : TBC Corridor templates : Insufficient reference surface sampling width

    I attached the project. Here are the steps to see what the issue is.   Windows views are centered to the problem. Select corridor named Level 283 Select template at 0+285.001 and edit. Go to station 295. It samp...
  • No Computed Grid Coordinates Error

    When I import data into TBC.  I am receiving the following error on the import summary.  What do I need to do to correct this? 
    King, David
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  • Wipeout Command

    In Autodesk there is a "wipeout" command that allows you to hide portions of line work and show specified features, is there a similar command in TBC?
    John Whidden
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  • Data re-layered to layer 0

    We want to export a dxf file of points and line work using TBC 5.20. When we do the export (or any other process) some of the lines and points are re-layered to layer 0 (wich it was empty before). How can we fix this...
    Juan Serpas
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  • TBC, how to change chainages on a vertical aligment?

    In TBC.  On the horizontal alignment, when I change the POB chainage,  all the remaining chainages are changed, but this is not the case with the vertical. Is there a way to do it?   Can I have som...
    Juan Serpas
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  • How to solve issue of TBC during installation error 1920.Service TBC External Service Daemon (TBCExternalServiceDaemon) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system service.

    How to solve issue of TBC during installation error 1920.Service TBC External Service Daemon (TBCExternalServiceDaemon) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system service.
    Jimboy Butuan
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  • Data disappearing TBC 5.30

     Data disappearing form screen when computation button is press or plan view scale is change. 
    Jean-Marc Dambra
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  • Registration on regions instead of complete clouds

    Is it possible to only use cloud regions when registering point clouds pairwise? That way, you can clean up the point clouds before registering others. Handy for removing moving objects (cranes, trucks, cars, people),...
    Nico Louagie
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  • GPS Time Output

      I need trajectory PPK  output  above format. i checked under Export / Survey / Trajectory file exporter but i could not find GPS week seconds option. is there any way to get the position with GPS tim...
    Aravinth Sittampalam
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  • Can TBC run with the new version of windows 10 version2004 yet is there a fix on the way

    I have recently upgraded to windows ten from seven so this is the first install of the operating system and i have not been able to run TBC what so ever after contacting the local trimble provider i received the follo...
    Anthony Mercer
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  • How do you create a custom import format with expressions?

    I'm creating a custom import using Regex, but I've run into a problem since every item is on a different line from the point file i'm trying to import. I am trying to import this file: PN:1 YC:746633.9425 XC:65908...
    James Barnett
    created by James Barnett
  • From where can i download Coordinate System  Manager v 3.8.4 separately ?

    From where can i download Coordinate System  Manager v 3.8.4 separately ?   The link in Trimble shows only upto v3.7.3.0.
    Arun Kanth
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