• Using Number Codes

    Hello, I am a new Trimble Access user.. So far I was using Survey Pro on Ranger. I've already figured out how to make Featured Library and it is working.   In Survey Pro, I have number codes that will be ...
    Farzin Khorgamfar
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  • Baseline Processing Precision

    Hello, I am very new to using Trimble surveying equipment. I surveyed river cross-sections for a project that we are working on. When I try to process the baselines I get very poor precision (1.4 m - 4.5 m).  ...
    Andreas Brooks
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  • How can I select/filter point data by deviation

    I hope to be able to filter the points in TBC by a range of delta. In this case, I hope to be able to select / filter As-Staked points by Horizontal Deviation.  I can run an as-staked report, and export to Excel,...
    John Evans
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  • geoid models not suit my vertical datum its ain elabd zone 8

     I have problem with geoid model I use EGM96 for zone 38 north and reference ellipsoid is international but always receive red flag in   orthometric height  I am using TBC 5.2
    hafiz yousif
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  • While exporting in TBC showing an error "object reference not set to an instance of an object"

    While Exporting some data in TBC to TMX software, occurred an error message    "object reference not set to an instance of an object"      
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  • RXL error message in TBC 5.3

    Is any one else having issues exporting RXLs from TBC v.5.3?  I keep getting the same error message.  I have tried it on several computers with no success.  It works fine on older versions though.
    Nicholas Fowles
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  • Eporting to KMZ with photo's from project for sharing

    After exporting a file from TBC with photos at all the as staked points to a kmz file once the kmz file is emailed to another user or client the photo's are not attached to the points anymore.  Is there an additi...
    Ian Major
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  • RINEX Exporter issue

    I can't find anything on the RINEX Exporter (in the Export dialog). I need to submit to OPUS for verification. It's a requirement for an airport obstruction survey. I used the Convert to RINEX utility. My problem is ...
    Jon Loder
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  • TBC is placing curves in front of Curve start positions...

    Hi There,   Just wondering if any one is having a similar issue and if there is a solution.   I'm using string coding in my top surveys, on my data logger the line work appears as it should. When the feat...
    Damien Loughnane
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  • TBC Line String / Edit / Cutting Plane

    We have noticed that line strings created in cutting plane can't be edited outside the cutting plane they were created in.  For a CAD program this seems very buggy or odd.   Example, When drafting through t...
    Clayton Bradshaw
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  • How do I get the toggle on/off to show up in the Project Explorer window?  It used to be there... I lost it somehow.

    Katy Kuecker
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  • Graphics issue

    Hello, In TBC Ver 5.32, quite often all of the linestrings turn bold and blurred with one click of a linestring. The solution is to create a new plan view to return my model linework to normal. At times, this even cra...
    john maxwell
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  • Trimble Identity Login with TBC not is working

    My colleague cannot log into Trimble Identity in TBC 5.32. If he clicks on the symbol in the menu at the top right, no login window appears. It also doesn't work if he goes into the options and clicks on login-button....
    Titus Emanuel
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  • missing line info in properties toolbar..?

    Hello, is there a way to edit the "properties" so that when you select a line, you would be able to view the bearing of the line along with the elevation and distance?......it seems that this is missing from being in ...
    Duane Mast
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  • Import jxl / Change Coordinatesystem

    When i import an jxl-file in TBC 5.32. i became an error, that the transformation is not correct. The coordinate system is UTM Zone 32(zE-N).  On the TSC7 the system is the same. In field it was possible to meas...
    Uwe Cerny
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  • Data disappearing TBC 5.30

     Data disappearing form screen when computation button is press or plan view scale is change. 
    Jean-Marc Dambra
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  • Hi, I am using TBC version 5.31. My question is: Is it posible to combine two job files in to one file in TBC?

    My question is: Is it posible to combine two job files into one file in TBC?
    Allan Sørensen
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  • Downgrade TA version

    Can we downgrade form TA 2020.10 to TA 2019.11 using TIM. Is there any precautions we have to take for doing so?
    Juan Serpas
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  • Tilt Error in JXL File

    We have a project where we have tilt error limits we have to adhere to.  We set our limit in Access.  When we look at the jxl file it shows no excess tilt Warning or Excess tilt at Storage but in the Ve...
    Ross Chaloupka
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  • how to convert an ESRI ARCMap feature class to file type usable in Trimble Terra Sync ie. a field data file that can be taken out in a Geo XH

    I need to revert the file to a SSF type so it can be exported to my hand held to go out to update the features, the original files have been lost (new computer) Im running Positions now from Pathfinder so that has bee...
    Larry Miller
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