• Incorrect username or password signing into TerreFlex on TDC600

    I'm trying to sign into TerreFlex on my TDC600 and I keep getting the following message:   "Incorrect username or password. Please try again."   I've already tried every possible password so not sure what ...
    Tony Wells
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  • Can i use TBC to combine Rinex files

    Is there a way of combining two Rinex files together. I have 2 files that need merging as the times of recording overlapped during the drone flight. 
    Harry Atkinson
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  • SCS 900 design contour interval

    In SCS 900 I have a TTM loaded into a TSC3 datalogger.  Under design, you can specify to display contours and display the contour interval; however, when you pick something that makes sense like 1' contours, it a...
    Matt Shupe
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  • OpenGL 3.2 error for point clouds

    Today I'm getting a OpenGL 3.2 error for point clouds. The only difference from yesterday, when I had no error, is that I'm working in my company's office instead of at home.  I have a standalone graphics card wh...
    Robert Hoy
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  • Why is my takeoff report not generating an original ground surface based on the contours I categorized in the "Orignal" tab?

    I'm attempting to create a takeoff report and I believe that I have everything set up correctly, however, the original ground surface is not being built off of the contours I've given it. All ...
    John Taylor
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  • TBC v5.31 - Processing Feature Codes

    Hello,   I am trying to find out what would be the best way to manage large data sets (few years of data collecting, 100's of thousand of points) using Trimble Business Centre.   I would like to be able to...
    Marian Plucinski
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  • Can we improve how field notes are shown in TBC?

    In access notes are attached to a point, however to get to this information in TBC users need to go to the imported files section and view them there. While they are stored against a point ID, it feels like they are b...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • RCP export scaling error of SX10 scans, v5.21

    Last summer I exported a RCP file and I was able to get it to align perfectly with survey points in a dwg file, which was probably with TBC v5.1.  Now with v5.21 it seems RCP export is always scaling to "ground"....
    Robert Hoy
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  • Error trying to upload back to A GIS Data source

    I have tried to write back to a test geodatabase and everything worked fine the test geodatabase was pretty basic with one feature class with no coded values, but when given a larger geodatabase this is the error I ru...
    Casey Boyd
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  • What causes Select by Feature Code to be inconsistent?

    I'm pretty new at TBC and I'm trying to select all of the points in my project with a particular Feature Code (231 in this case). It's behaving in a very inconsistent manner. Using the Select Points tool under Selecti...
    NC Short
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  • Where can I download TBC version 4.10?

    I have 2 licenses for TBC version 4.10 and I need to update one computer from version 4.00 to 4.10.   Where can I go to download version 4.10?
    Jeffery Sortman
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  • Coordinate System error exporting GCS900 machine file

      I am getting this error when I try to export a GCS900 machine from a particular job site. Any help would be appreciated.
    Allen Dockery
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  • Error trying to Post Process PPK Survey using VRS Virtual Base Point Download

    Hi,   Has anybody ever encountered this error whilst trying to post process a PPK survey using the VRS Virtual Base Point Download.  I am recently new to TBC.  The survey was completed using Trimble R1...
    Colin Haining
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  • Create CAD Entities on Mobile Mapping Data

    Hello,   I am trying to use the following methods on TBC to process field data of MX7 Create CAD Entities With One Click Method Create CAD Entities With Two Clicks Method I would like to know if this funct...
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  • How do you stop surfaces displaying in profile sheet

    I have a profile sheet view and I can't seem to stop the surfaces from displaying, I have all surfaces shut off in the view filter. (See attached screen shot) All plan sheets work as expected, is this a glitch or am ...
    John Whidden
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  • Trimble Sync Manager (TSM) - Cleanup

    Hi All, There seems to be a fairly simple way to downloand all jobs in project from TSM, but is there a way to delete the jobs in bulk once they have all been downloaded and backed up? Thanks,  Liam 
    Liam Curran
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  • Creating Points on Edited Linestrings

    Hello,   First time poster here...   Our TBC / C3D workflow is such that we edit surveyed linestrings in TBC. The editing could involve any of the following:   Moving / deleting points Trimming, ext...
    Andrew Walther
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  • Import error

    Hi everyone,   I'm having trouble with my first import on a new installation of TBC 5.30. Other computers have been error free but this one computer is showing the attached error.   "  C:\Users\.........
    Kelly Michael
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  • Concatenate Feature Attributes

    Does TBC have an option to concatenate feature attributes?  Trying to create a single feature description based on multiple attributes.
    Navin Sawh
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  • TBC V3.7 Shutdown Error

    Hello everyone, first time poster here. My company works off of V3.7. It has been working for a very long time, up until about Wednesday of last week. The program will attempt to load up, but will immediately shutdown...
    Mason Broadway
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