• Can TBC use Geodetic Bearings?

    When using GLO notes is there a way to use the geodetic bearings for my calculations?
    James Barnett
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  • Create 3D PDF crashing TBC

    What factors would cause the "Create 3D PDF" function to crash? - running version 5.3. As you can see from the snapshot, there is not excessive amounts of data.  
    Paul Munoz
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  • Point Cloud Regions Missing Data after Crash

    I was recently working on a file for hours and kept putting off saving for some reason, big mistake!  Save Often!  I am working in 5.3 with SX10 scan data.  I have 8 scans in the drawing and was cleanin...
    Bradley Limbo
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  • Hi, I am using TBC version 5.31. My question is: Is it posible to combine two job files in to one file in TBC?

    My question is: Is it posible to combine two job files into one file in TBC?
    Allan Sørensen
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  • TBC Custom Reports

    One for the TBC developers,   Having the custom reports is a great way to setup individual reports with specific information and business logo etc.   Having only 8 reports is very limiting, why not be able...
    aaron bundy
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  • DWG Import into TBC

    Is anybody aware of a way to import DWG drawings without the layouts (plan sets)? It is fairly common that elements from the layout unintentionally make it into the import - i.e default viewport at coordinate 0,0
    Paul Munoz
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  • Trimble Identity Login with TBC not is working

    My colleague cannot log into Trimble Identity in TBC 5.32. If he clicks on the symbol in the menu at the top right, no login window appears. It also doesn't work if he goes into the options and clicks on login-button....
    Titus Emanuel
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  • How to lock a TBC project so other users can't edit it?

    In my company many users need to have access to a TBC project to export data, but those users sometimes make edits by mistake and change the TBC project - creating a n error. I would like to be able to complete the pr...
    Chad Snoke
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  • ACCESS 2020.10 upgrade causing error on import

    Is anyone suddenly getting this failure notification after upgrading to ACCESS 2020.10?:   the fix is the newest remote device manager update.     Carry on.  
    Jason Lord
    created by Jason Lord
  • TBC 5.31 How to remove unused layers

    I am using TBC 5.31 and when I go to the layer manager, for some reason, I can not remove unused layers? It says "all layers are protected or used" but there are many unused layers in my drawing I am able to do...
    Juan Serpas
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  • Write Features to GIS -OK Greyed out.

    Hello!   I have a FXL file converted from a GDB .    In TBC , GIS Module we selct: Write Feature to GIS. Features were selected in the view. The OK button is greyed out. Is their a step missing so we ...
    Jason O'Rourke
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  • Anyone having issues importing SX10 point cloud data into TBC v5.32

    Is anyone having issues with importing point clouds from the SX10 in TBC5.32?    Importing the jxl into TBC it takes the same normal amount of time to import then collourize but there is nothing visable in ...
    Paul Munoz
    created by Paul Munoz
  • Coordinate Unit Change Lat/Long Error

    I'm trying to change the units in a new project so that the coordinate system Lat/Long display shows as Decimal Degrees instead of Degrees Min Seconds. Every time I click the "+" symbol to expand Lat/Long I get an err...
    Aaron Melin
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  • Errors when exporthing to DXF/DWG autodrafted data

    Hi,   I am running TBC 5.30 at the moment and I have a problem with exportting the data to dxf/dwg.   Here it is what I have done: 1. Imported the survey data to project and used Process freature codes to...
    Pawel Hasiuk
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  • Trimble Access "forgot" a scan - how to manage in TBC

    In a project I've made 7 scans (all 'scan station'). After import in TBC, I've got only 6 scans, but a warning that a scan could not be imported: "The station contains a scan without the specified file name: (Scannin...
    Nico Louagie
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  • Object Coordinate System

    Hi, Can you alter the object coordinate system of scan or total station data within TBC?
    Stephen Scott
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  • Generate a Chainage Offset Elevation report of only my staked points

    I'm trying to export a Chainage Offset Elevation Report to Excel of some points that I've staked from a corridor. When I generate the report, it's giving me a pair of points, the one I staked, and the correspondi...
    Jeremy Webb
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  • Uncompacted surface with modifed existing surface?

    Hi , I have a question about uncompacted surface ( for PCS 900) for reconstruction existing old road pavement. New road design parameters: 1. Asphalt finish layer (h= 3cm): 2. Second asphalt layer ( min ...
    Vaidas Markevicius
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  • TBC freezes on importing invalid scans

    I have a project with 16 scans. I have exported them from the controller, but did this unattended (with teamviewer, it took almost an hour...) I tried to open the project in TBC, just by dragging the job onto a newly...
    Nico Louagie
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  • Data disappearing TBC 5.30

     Data disappearing form screen when computation button is press or plan view scale is change. 
    Jean-Marc Dambra
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