• Wondering if anyone has used TBC to check how plumb steel columns are from a point cloud?

    Hey looking for different ideas on extracting data using TBC, from point cloud scans of individual steel columns. I essentially want to check how plumb each individual column is at predefined heights above the base. &...
    Katie Byron
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  • Change units without changing value?

    I have mistakenly gotten very deep into my project using meters instead of feet.  But if I change the project units to feet it converts all my elevations from meters to feet.  Is there any way to keep the nu...
    Justin Roman
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  • How to use line control codes in the field?

    I have made a feature library that includes line control codes that I want to use in the field during a topo survey. I have made a beginning code that creates a new line sequence and also an ending code that closes th...
    Jody Savage
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  • Customize Point Derivation Report

    Is it possible to customize the point derivation report like you can with the other customizable reports?
    Bede Anderson
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  • Any issues or comments on the TBC 5.21 Release?

    About to update.   Thanks!
    Thomas Mauriello
    created by Thomas Mauriello
  • Setout of a grid of points, completely arbitrary system...

    Hello. Just wondering what would be the best way to setout a grid of points from an engineering drawing (footings for wooden deck) once the location and orientation of the structure is decided insitu. Would just be ar...
    Huw Thomas
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  • TBC warning needs rephrasing - Bottom notch measurement is incompatible with Custom prism.

    Hi, I measured a traverse with Access and measured station and target heights to the bottom notch. But I used a custom prism constant. Now, when I drag'n drop the Job file into TBC 5.20.2 it complains "The height m...
    Ronny Schneider
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  • Request for field software improvements

    I have three more improvements that I would like to see added to Trimble field software.    1-for survey pro and access field. When leveling the total station(S series), after looking through the plummet yo...
    ian bissonnette
    created by ian bissonnette
  • network adjustment transformation parameters

    Explanation of network adjustment transformation parameters ??  (deflection of latitude/longitude, azimuth rotation, scale factor) whats is the difference, for each parameter, for the values before and after bra...
    giannis gkountinakos
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  • hi sir  i have trimble M3 DR5" . i have a problem when i measuring back-sight for station setup after measuring show co ordinate error round about 1 meter in N,E. please sir i need solve this error please help me . how can solve this problem

    Hi engineer  i have problem in back sight reading 1 meter diff
    Eng abdur rehman
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  • Request for improved field software. Survey Pro

    Perhaps this is in the wrong group, I hope it will get directed to the correct location. I would like to see the live video feed when using Survey Pro field software and a total station like an S7(vision). This tool i...
    ian bissonnette
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  • Splines from designer

    When receiving DGN files from the designer we often times get the baselines with splines instead of curves. This results in the geometry being different than what is shown in the plans. So, instead of a 239' Rad ...
    Sean McCarthy
    created by Sean McCarthy
  • Comma Delimited Export TSC7

    I am running Trimble Access 2019 on a TSC7. When I use the Comma Delimited Export (*.CSV, *.TXT) export format I get an option to select points (numerous options are available for export...Enter single point, Select ...
    Todd Bronson
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  • How to print a dynaview

    I need to know how to print a plan dynaview I just created. I am not a drafter. I follow the tutorial, but in workflow 1 does not say how to print what is in the screen. Please some help. I attached what I want to print.
    Juan Serpas
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  • New MTA Features in TBC Version 5.11?

    What does that new selection options in the MTA-configuration mean?   - Default - Rail - PowerLines   Especially the option "Rail" sounds really interessting for me because we capture hundrets of kilomet...
    Andreas Werner
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  • Elevations displayed as blue text along the lines?

    Hi all. See the attached screenshot taken of the feature lines I processed in TBC. I have searched for a long time looking for where I can TURN OFF these small blue text displays of the point elevations. I cannot find...
    Jesse Kozlowski
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  • What causes Select by Feature Code to be inconsistent?

    I'm pretty new at TBC and I'm trying to select all of the points in my project with a particular Feature Code (231 in this case). It's behaving in a very inconsistent manner. Using the Select Points tool under Selecti...
    NC Short
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  • How do you determine standard deviations of network points?

    Hello,    I recently processed GPS data at 11 points in network mode using Trimble Business Center.  I was able to export the points to obtain their coordinates.  What I have not been able to obta...
    Wesley Brown
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  • Help! My USB servey controller is broken

    Hi! I have a Trimble TSC2 and I can't collect the data from it because the USB is broken. Does anyone know another (no too complicated) way to collect the data?  Tried e-mailing it to myself, which didn't work ...
    Elena Bjørndalen
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  • Export to Google Earth out of TBC

    Is there a way to select what you want to include in the export to GE to be available for display. The current default appears to be the point name, N&E ordinates and the elevation. I wan to include the feature co...
    Jesse Kozlowski
    created by Jesse Kozlowski