• Comma Delimited Export TSC7

    I am running Trimble Access 2019 on a TSC7. When I use the Comma Delimited Export (*.CSV, *.TXT) export format I get an option to select points (numerous options are available for export...Enter single point, Select ...
    Todd Bronson
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  • How to print a dynaview

    I need to know how to print a plan dynaview I just created. I am not a drafter. I follow the tutorial, but in workflow 1 does not say how to print what is in the screen. Please some help. I attached what I want to print.
    Juan Serpas
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  • New MTA Features in TBC Version 5.11?

    What does that new selection options in the MTA-configuration mean?   - Default - Rail - PowerLines   Especially the option "Rail" sounds really interessting for me because we capture hundrets of kilomet...
    Andreas Werner
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  • Elevations displayed as blue text along the lines?

    Hi all. See the attached screenshot taken of the feature lines I processed in TBC. I have searched for a long time looking for where I can TURN OFF these small blue text displays of the point elevations. I cannot find...
    Jesse Kozlowski
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  • Tip # 101 - Understanding the session editor.

    Session editor has been a very handy tool in TBC and allows you to improve the quality of your baselines by either disabling unhealthy satellites, conceal bad satellite data and adjust occupation times. In this tip, y...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • What causes Select by Feature Code to be inconsistent?

    I'm pretty new at TBC and I'm trying to select all of the points in my project with a particular Feature Code (231 in this case). It's behaving in a very inconsistent manner. Using the Select Points tool under Selecti...
    NC Short
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  • Trimble Business Center Group on Trimble Community

    Hello Everyone,   This group was formed as a general public forum for all things Trimble Business Center (TBC).  Some of the the information you can find here is: How can I....? - FAQ and other user questi...
    Riley Smith
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  • How do you determine standard deviations of network points?

    Hello,    I recently processed GPS data at 11 points in network mode using Trimble Business Center.  I was able to export the points to obtain their coordinates.  What I have not been able to obta...
    Wesley Brown
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  • Help! My USB servey controller is broken

    Hi! I have a Trimble TSC2 and I can't collect the data from it because the USB is broken. Does anyone know another (no too complicated) way to collect the data?  Tried e-mailing it to myself, which didn't work ...
    Elena Bjørndalen
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  • Export to Google Earth out of TBC

    Is there a way to select what you want to include in the export to GE to be available for display. The current default appears to be the point name, N&E ordinates and the elevation. I wan to include the feature co...
    Jesse Kozlowski
    created by Jesse Kozlowski
  • TBC GNSS Baselines: Hz/V Precision, RMS

    Hi Trimble Team, I have questions from this baseline processing report: I think the horizontal and vertical precisions are calculated from the standard errors, which are calculated from the Aposteriori Covari...
    John Doe
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  • Trimble Access does not preserve attribute types.

    I've created a .fxl code library on the PC. I have created attributes for certain codes, e.g. tree has 'height' (integer), diameter (real, max 1 decimal place), species (text). On transferring this to our TSC3 control...
    Zach Kirsteins
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  • Does Windows Mobile Device Center work in Win10? Cannot use Data Collector on Trimble device

    How can we pull data from Trimble devices in Windows 10? Using Windows Mobile Device Center will not work in Windows 10. Please advise.
    Chase Smith
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  • Why OPUS solutions do not match published benchmark data

    I have done several opus solutions for points and then checked into published benchmarks in the area and are missing the published elevation by +0.5' to +0.8' consistently.  I did an opus solution on a first orde...
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  • different coord's TSC7 job file and TBC

      One of our surveyor copied a job file from data controller (TSC7 v 2019.11)  to TBC( v 5.1). We have noticed that the coordinates of some points in TSC7 and TBC differ in about 1mm in Northing an...
    Juan Serpas
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  • Tip # 100 : Making CAD objects and points using virtual DR

    Many of us may have used Direct Reflex in the field, but did you know that you can use DR straight within TBC as well ? Direct Reflex allows surveyors to take measurements to surfaces and objects without the need for ...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • Anyone Having Trouble Writing to Data Card?

    Recently downloaded TBC 5.2.  I now get a error message when trying to copy a design to "Data Card"  
    Jeff Nemitz
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  • Adjusting Horizontal and Vertical Angles in TBC Least Squares Adjustment

    In a TBC Least Squares Adjustment is it possible to include Horizontal and Vertical angles only in the adjustment? For example can you read both the horizontal and vertical angles to a target (no distance read) from t...
    kyle kenna
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  • HASP key license update error

    I was trying to update my HASP key license using the HASP License Updater and the 19 digit code I received from Trimble. Half way through the process i received the following error and it closed the program.  Doe...
    Ralph Wakeling
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  • How to solve issue of TBC during installation error 1920.Service TBC External Service Daemon (TBCExternalServiceDaemon) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system service.

    How to solve issue of TBC during installation error 1920.Service TBC External Service Daemon (TBCExternalServiceDaemon) failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system service.
    Jimboy Butuan
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