• Tip of the Week #42 - TBC Point Symbols in AutoCAD

    Did you know you can use the *.SHX file to assure that your point symbols used in TBC translate exactly into AutoCAD?  Thanks to Evelina from TBC’s QA team, here’s how...   Symbols can be a...
    Joe Blecha
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  • students versions request

    Hi, am a student, I am requested to process feature codes to be use in topographic map production and I have a version 5. while I was running the project I got an error message telling me that my feature code command ...
    Emmanuel DUKUZIMANA
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  • Create point by Station offset spreadsheet

    I'm looking for a way to import a spreadsheet with Station/Offset/Elevation/Code to create points on mass. I'm unable to find a command for this. In my experience that definitely doesn't mean it's not possible. 
    Chris Bayliff
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  • TBC Power Hour Announcement - October 30th - Trimble X7 Workflows in TBC

    Break through into new laser scanning workflows and deliverables with the new Trimble X7 terrestrial laser scanning solution. Announced in September 2019, the Trimble X7 laser scanner with Trimble Perspective field so...
    Joe Blecha
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  • Tip of the Week #33 - Easy *.job to *.jxl file conversion

    Did you know there is a quick way to convert binary *.job files from Trimble Access into *.jxl files that can be opened in a text editor for review or re-imported into different versions of Trimble Access?  The c...
    Joe Blecha
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  • An error message with Processing of Register a Run in TBC v5.11

    I tried to process MX9 data for registration with GCP in TBC v5.11   But, I got the below error message.     In this case what is the problem and what should I do with this error?
    Hyunsup Song
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  • Tip # 88 : Easy navigation to commands using the 'command pane'

    Looking for specific commands in TBC can be somewhat tedious due to its growing list of commands. With this weeks tip we can stop wasting time searching for the command we need using the command pane !    T...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • Upon exporting a .job file from TBC, I receive this error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\myname\AppData\Local\Temp\TBCTemporal\rzcfg1tm.ao3\TemporaryConversionFile.jxl'.

    Version 4.1
    Ryan Harbach
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  • Anyone get this error when trying to update the Network License "LicenseUpgrader.HaspException"

    I am trying to run Update Network License and getting the following error "LicenseUpgrader.HaspException".
    Paulo Raposo
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  • Not seeing closing angle in traverse adjustment

    I have a traverse that was ran with an SX-10. the initial set up was 1 backsighted 2 then went 3,4,5,6,7,502,501. 502 was point 2 and 501 was point 1. When i go to adjust the traverse it does not see the closing angle...
    Dustin Houck
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  • Can we improve how field notes are shown in TBC?

    In access notes are attached to a point, however to get to this information in TBC users need to go to the imported files section and view them there. While they are stored against a point ID, it feels like they are b...
    Ross McAtamney
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  • September 2019 TBC Power Hour Announcement - IFC Workflows

    September 25th at 8am Mountain time As geospatial and construction deliverables continue to build more efficient and productive BIM workflows, an increasingly popular format for data exchange between all parties i...
    Joe Blecha
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  • How can I see notes in a pointlist / spreadsheet in TBC?

    How can I see the notes, I added to my measurements in the field, in a pointlist / spreadsheet in TBC?
    Carsten Merkel
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  • TBC CAD functions still need work

    I'm trying my best to like TBC.  A lot of the things it does are quick/clever but if the TBC developers want it to be all things to all users, they've still got a long way to go with the basic CAD functions. ...
    Dene Oehme
    created by Dene Oehme
  • TSC7 With 5600:

    This week I learned that the TSC7 would work with the old 5600 Total Stations if I would downgrade Access to Version 2017-23. Please consider including support for the 5600 in future updates. There is no better TS for...
    last modified by TOD MOHR
  • Trimble 5.10 traverse settings

    What happened to Project Settings > Computations > Traverse in TBC 5.10? I have 5.10.1 from an enterprise deployment and I can't set my travers horizontal and vertical precision tolerances because the setting is...
    Anthony Hanlon
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  • feature code cannot be resolved using the feature definition and internal parsing rules

    I have a line feature definition "Headcut" which appears to be like any other but generates this error?
    Steven Grosch
    created by Steven Grosch
  • Seperated Stakeout reporting

    Its there a way to create a separated staking report when working with XML files? I have an XML file with Wall1, Wall2, DRN1 and would like them in their own individual stakeout report instead of combined as one repor...
    Chris Schulte
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  • Tip # 86 : Creating different viewpoint using the ‘Defined Views’ command

    Tired of always having to rotate your views to a specific spot to QA your data or want to share a specific perspective of your data to others ? Well using today’s tip, you can do exactly that !    The ...
    Sudam Fernando
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  • New patch not visible?

    It says patch 5.10.2 is available but it's not in the list of updates.  If I "show all updates" only 5.10 is listed. How can I see if I installed 5.10.1 if there was one? I think there was. My version is 5.10.700...
    Robert Hoy
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