Peter Kistler

TML - AffixName

Blog Post created by Peter Kistler on Sep 12, 2019

AffixName is a TML written by Rockpile Solutions used to Add and / or Remove a prefix or suffix from the name of selected objects.  Most of the time the name automatically assigned to an object especially during import is insufficient. Having written several importers over the years, it is hard to come up with a generic set of rules to name object intelligently.  The picture below is a good example of generic rules used during import of the utility information contained in a LandXML file.  The problem is how to easy change the name to something that makes a little more sense.  This is where AffixName comes in.


Naming issues from importing data


AffixName allows you to Remove the beginning and / or end of an object's name and replace it with a prefix and / or suffix that makes more sense to your situation.  You do not have to have both Add and Remove functionality to run the command. You are allowed to just Add or just Remove portions of the object name.  If you do chose to run both Add and Remove simultaneously, the Remove functionality is executed before the Add functionality.


AffixName screenshot


AffixName can be downloaded, installed, and updated using TMLStatus.  AffixName is a Licensed TML and is included in the CAD Toolbox. If you would like to try this or any Rockpile Solutions TMLs, just send an email to asking for a trial or demo license.