Peter Kistler

Nudge Line

Blog Post created by Peter Kistler on Oct 22, 2019

The Nudge Line TML allows you to quickly move / offset an existing line.  This is useful for resolving vertical surfaces. For example importing curb and gutter lines will typically be exactly on top of one another. Creating a surface from these lines will generate flagged surface due to the vertical surface.  Nudge will allow you to ever so slightly move / offset a line resolving the vertical issues.


The TML does not just do a simple move on the existing line. A simple move would not work for curved line segments. The offset line is computed internally (vertical data is not modified). The offset coordinates and curve information are applied to the original line. 


Nudge Command UI

  • Select the line to be modified
  • Select which direction (right or left) to move the line.  If you have TBC 5.2 or later you will see a "dancing arrow" to indicate the direction of the line.  (Run the Show Direction TML to specify settings for the dancing arrow)
  • Set the amount to move / offset (Nudge) the line
  • Press "Apply" to nudge the line.  You can press Apply multiple times if you want to increase the offset.


NOTE. This is intended for very small adjustments of the line. Some assumptions are made internally that may not be valid if the line is nudges numerous time or by a large amount.