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Peter Kistler

TML - TMLStatus

Posted by Peter Kistler Jun 20, 2019

TMLStatus is a TML written by Rockpile Solutions to manage registered TMLs from within Trimble Business Center. It allows you to find registered TMLs and easily install and / or update them. 

The link TMLStatus will download the TMLStatus installation program. This is the only thing you need run outside of Trimble Business Center. By providing this as an installation package, you are free from having to download, navigate, install, and unblock the files needed to run TMLStatus.

All of the latest versions of Trimble TMLs are registered as well as TMLs written by Rockpile Solutions. To install or update a TML, check the box next to the TML you are interested in. You can select more than one and they can be from different providers / authors. 

Once you have made all of your selections, press the Update button.  TMLStatus will retrieve the selected TMLs and install the latest version on your system. TMLStatus will automatically "Unblock" the TML if it is required, a step that is easily overlooked if you manually download and install a TML. Lastly, it will let you know if you need to restart TBC to access the TML.


The Author column within TMLStatus indicates the person or company that produced the TML. The Installed version indicates the version currently installed in TBC.  The Latest Version indicates the latest version registered with Rockpile Solutions.  The Status field is a quick indication in a TML is up to date or not.


The Licensed column will indicate if a license is required to run the selected TML.  TMLStatus itself does not require a license to run. To run a Licensed TML, you will need to have a Trimble Connect account and be registered with Rockpile Solutions.