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TML - Relayer by Feature Code

Blog Post created by Nelson Hays on Feb 12, 2020

This simple TML is to re-layer Point objects based on their Feature Code.  Run this command to move selected Points to new or existing layers with the same name as the Feature Code attribute.  


TBC behavior: 

  • Imported points from field software, such as SiteWorks or SCS900, are automatically layered in TBC based on the .FXL (Feature Code Library) file referenced in the .SPJ (Work Order) When an .FXL file is not used, the 'SCS900 Default' .FXL is applied, which sends all points and lines to generic layers based on the object type.  (E.G. SCS_Measure_Point)
  • Points imported as a .CSV all end up on the Points layer.  



The following is a sample of the behavior of the TML - Relayer by Feature Code.  A Work Order shot in SiteWorks was imported into a project.  All points are on the same, default layer.  After running the command, the points are organized by the Feature Codes keyed-in in the field.  



Before, all Points on the same, default Layer



After, organized by Feature Codes



This command is currently in Beta.  Please email for access.


Thank You for the interest.