• TBC macros - documentation, printout etc

    Hello,   Im quite new to TBC macros and im not very used to working with MS visual Studio. Can i try my macros without launching TBC? It takes a while to restart tbc after every edit   Is there a documen...
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  • Can't link Visual Studio to TBC Macros

    Hello Good TBC Community,   I formated my system and now I'm trying to create a TBC MAcro, but unfortunately I'm not being able to select the TBC Macro option when creating a new project in Visual studio.  ...
    Rafael Bombardiere
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  • 02 Setting Up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

    Installing IronPython Download the latest version of IronPython from http://ironpython.NET/download/. Run the MSI file to start the installation wizard. Accept the default settings to install IronPython. Instal...
    David Kosakowski
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  • 03 Configuring Your Visual Studio Project

    The Macro SDK template contains all of the structure and configurations you need to get started. These include: Links to program DLLs Environments and references Setup for debugging Making TBC Controls Available in...
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  • Trimble Macros SDK.msi (Updated for TBC version 5.20+; Ignore prior SDKs)

    This SDK should be installed after installing Visual Studio. If you upgrade from Visual Studio 2017 to 2019, uninstall the SDK and install again in order to have project template placed in the correct location for VS ...
    Gary Lantaff
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  • is anyone working on TML for the drill module?

    good day I am trying to get started on writing a macro for drilling module are there any TML's I can refer to
    Brice Kgetsane
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  • TBC Macros Presentation - Dimensions 2018.pptx

    By Gary Lantaff, Senior TBC Developer and Solutions Architect for Trimble.
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  • Problems Configuring Visual Studio

    First, I am totally new to Python and TBC Macros. I have stepped through the installation process very carefully and I hit a wall at the following locations. By wall I mean I don't get the behavior noted in the instru...
    Marshall Cant
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  • Where do I start?

    I have a been using TBC since V1.0 and have a lot of ideas for functions/workflows I would like to add. But.... Where do I start? I have a little C# (Basic Classes, Functions, Parameters etc) knowledge from Unity Ga...
    Ray Volker
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  • 05 Understanding the Object Model Framework, Etc.

    TBC ObjectsThe TBC database can be thought like a file system where the top level (like C:\ in a file system) is a class called Project. Each object may have properties and also contain other objects. There is a TML t...
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  • 01 Welcome to Trimble Business Center Macros!

    DisclaimerThe functionality for writing macros for Trimble Business Center (TBC) is designed for people with coding experience. Even software developers who want to create macros should consider getting training from ...
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  • FAQ - Trimble Macro Language (TML) within TBC

    This document provides answers to some of the most common questions regarding the newly released Trimble Macro Language capabilities in Trimble Business Center (TBC) v5.00 releasing in November, 2018.   Q:  ...
    Matt McLean
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  • 08 Appendix/Reference Information

    Tips Start all your macro captions with a special character so they appear first in Trimble Business Center All Commands list in the Command pane (e.g., _My Macro) Start all macro code with: “import clr”...
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  • 07 Using and Sharing Macros

    Downloading and Using a Shared Macro from the Trimble CommunityWarning: Use shared macros at your own risk. Trimble assumes no liability for the results of doing so. Get text from Legal Visit the Repository in this co...
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  • 06 Creating Your Own Macros

    Creating a Macro by Copying and Modifying AnotherIt is easiest to create your first macro by copying and modifying a pair of existing .py and .xaml files. In the Solution Explorer > Macros > Trimble, select a pa...
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  • 04 Familiarizing Yourself with the Predefined Macros

    To familiarize yourself with the predefined macros and what types of controls and functions they include, double-click each one in the Solution Explorer and review the code as you will do for one macro now. If you ope...
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