• TML - Adjust Linestring Elevation

    The Adjust Linestring Elevation, AdjustLSElevation, TML allows you the modify the elevation of a portion or all of a given linestring.  After selecting the linestring to be modified, the portion of the linestri...
    Peter Kistler
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  • TML - AffixName

    AffixName is a TML written by Rockpile Solutions used to Add and / or Remove a prefix or suffix from the name of selected objects.  Most of the time the name automatically assigned to an object especially during ...
    Peter Kistler
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  • TML - Site Improvement Legend

    This TML will extract the materials assigned to a surface and create a legend. There are two styles of legends. (Examples shown below) NOTE: This macro requires TBC version 5.0 (patch 1 - Released 1/18)   The T...
    Gary Lantaff
    created by Gary Lantaff
  • Will the Best Fit Linestring sample macro be posted or uploaded to TMLStatus?

    I installed this sample macro during PUG 2.0 (April 2019) and I'm not finding it on this forum or when I run TMLStatus.   In TMLStatus, my copy shows up as a "local" TML - i.e. it's not registered w/ Rockpile ye...
    Quan Mueller
    created by Quan Mueller
  • TML - OffsetSurface

    The OffsetSurface TML is included in the TBC 5.0 install but I have updated it to include support for adding a clipping boundary while it copies the surface. The clipping boundary is optional. If you download this zip...
    Gary Lantaff
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  • Sample TML DrillPlanExport.zip

    Gary Lantaff
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  • Can we use C# to create commands

    in TBC 5.0 the new macro commands could be created by C# or only by IronPython ?   Regards
    mohammed nour
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  • TML - Explode Surface

    Simple TML to explode a surface into lines and "cad points". The lines are attached to the cad points by reference so if you move one of the points, all the lines connected to it will move.  
    Gary Lantaff
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  • TML - Adjust Area

    This TML will slide a line perpendicular to a reference line until a specified area is computed. There is an option to create a polygon object (containing part of the specified boundary) or just a line.    ...
    Gary Lantaff
    created by Gary Lantaff
  • TML - Copy Layer Group Members (V2)

    This TML will copy a layer group and all the layers (that have members) into a new layer group where the group and each layer is named the existing name with a prefix (or suffix). Just select the layer group and enter...
    Gary Lantaff
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  • TML - Lines To AOI

    This is a simple TML to create Takeoff AOI's from the selected lines. The name of the AOI is taken from the lines name property.
    Gary Lantaff
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  • How to Highlight Objects

    I am working on a script to find certain objects in TBC. Now I need to get TBC to highlight the results.   This is where I am stuck, can anyone post a good example of how to do this in TBC?   Thanks Ramin
    ramin rad
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  • TBC Macros Presentation - Dimensions 2018.pptx

    By Gary Lantaff, Senior TBC Developer and Solutions Architect for Trimble.
    David Kosakowski
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  • Potential TML Development Partners

    A number of customers have asked me for a list of possible TML developers that could do work for them to solve problems that they want resolved. At Trimble we strive to meet customer requirements, but like any organiz...
    Alan Sharp
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  • Where do I start?

    I have a been using TBC since V1.0 and have a lot of ideas for functions/workflows I would like to add. But.... Where do I start? I have a little C# (Basic Classes, Functions, Parameters etc) knowledge from Unity Ga...
    Ray Volker
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  • Trim/Extend by Total Distance

    I would like to request a trim/extend line by total distance.    TBC in is current format requires additional steps to be taken in order to get to the end result. 1.) Select the line to find out its existi...
    last modified by BEN VITALE
  • TML - AssignNameFromLayer

    This TML can be used to name line objects using the name of the objects layer. You just select the line to name and enter a name "mask".  You specify the new name using a name mask. If "{L}" is included in t...
    Gary Lantaff
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  • TML - SurfaceToGrid

    This TML will compute grid locations from a specified surface and write either (or both) an *.xyz file or a *.csv file. This can be useful for reporting purposes or to reduce the number of points in a surface.   ...
    Gary Lantaff
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  • Add boundary to surface offset macro

    Gary Lantaff The surface offset macro is great. I have used it numerous times since updating to TBC 5.0 last week.    Is it be possible to add the ability to select a boundary to apply to the surface when r...
    Patrick L'heureux
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    Hello Gary, Could you look into a TML that creates a station offset elevation report like the example in the excell file. Thanks Scott
    Scott Bridges
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