• How to Highlight Objects

    I am working on a script to find certain objects in TBC. Now I need to get TBC to highlight the results.   This is where I am stuck, can anyone post a good example of how to do this in TBC?   Thanks Ramin
    ramin rad
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  • Cannot Update TML Status

    Is anyone else having problems updating TML Status?  Every time I try, TBC freezes.  I think it started when I updated to 5.10.2.
    MIchael Stallings
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  • Macro to Create AOI from Named Linework

    Has anyone created, or is working on a Macro to create Areas of Interest from named lines? Currently, with the name linework by text inside or by layer, we are still having to type in and select each individual Are of...
    Nathaniel Howard
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  • Trim/Extend by Total Distance

    I would like to request a trim/extend line by total distance.    TBC in is current format requires additional steps to be taken in order to get to the end result. 1.) Select the line to find out its existi...
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