• TML - OffsetSurface

    The OffsetSurface TML is included in the TBC 5.0 install but I have updated it to include support for adding a clipping boundary while it copies the surface. The clipping boundary is optional. If you download this zip...
    Gary Lantaff
    last modified by Gary Lantaff
  • Parabola for Bridge Grades

    I had a guy ask me for an easier way to put Dead Load Deflections into his elevations for bridge beams. So theoretically you would select a line, calculate a spacing either by interval or dividing it by an equal numbe...
    Shea Huckaby
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  • Calling TBC Command from custom Macro

    Hi,   I've just started with Macros SDK in Trimble Business Center and I'm struggling a bit to find any learning material. I was wondering if it's possible to call an existing command from my python macro?...
  • TML - TMLStatus

    TMLStatus is a TML written by Rockpile Solutions to manage registered TMLs from within Trimble Business Center. It allows you to find registered TMLs and easily install and / or update them.  The link TMLSt...
    Peter Kistler
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  • TML - Create Point By Station Offset

    This macro is helpful in cases where you have lots of points to key in based on their station and offset values.  The station and elevation support the "Auto-Advance" option. If "Auto-Advance" set on the station ...
    Gary Lantaff
    created by Gary Lantaff
  • Create Point By Station Offset?

    I've heard there is a Macro that allows a user to create points from a line or alignment by using a station and offset and that the command will remain open after the values are entered. I have downloaded TML Status, ...
    Brandon Knight
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  • TML - AssignNameFromLayer

    This TML can be used to name line objects using the name of the objects layer. You just select the line to name and enter a name "mask".  You specify the new name using a name mask. If "{L}" is included in t...
    Gary Lantaff
    last modified by Gary Lantaff
  • TML - Explode Lines

    This macro will explode the selected lines into individual segments. Each segment can be converted into a new line or only break into new lines whenever the deflection angle between segments exceeds specified angle. &...
    Gary Lantaff
    created by Gary Lantaff
  • Can't link Visual Studio to TBC Macros

    Hello Good TBC Community,   I formated my system and now I'm trying to create a TBC MAcro, but unfortunately I'm not being able to select the TBC Macro option when creating a new project in Visual studio.  ...
    Rafael Bombardiere
    last modified by Rafael Bombardiere

    I am looking for a truck turning radius TML similar to the one we used to be able to get for Terramodel.  I think Geocomp made the one for Terramodel originally.  We do a lot of design builds for grain eleva...
    Ben Ryschon
    created by Ben Ryschon
  • Compute Lot Setback line

    The macro ComputeLotSetback (available using TmlStatus) will compute a lot setback line using user specified setback distances.  First, define the setback offsets for each part of the lot (front, back, left...
    Gary Lantaff
    last modified by Gary Lantaff
  • TML - Voice Commands

    If you want to play around using your voice to execute TBC commands, just run TMlStatus and download the macro VoiceCommand. The macro is being provided "as-is" (but it's fun to play with)   It's actually a simp...
    Gary Lantaff
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  • 02 Setting Up an Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

    Installing IronPython Download the latest version of IronPython from http://ironpython.NET/download/. Run the MSI file to start the installation wizard. Accept the default settings to install IronPython. Instal...
    David Kosakowski
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  • I need to create X-Sections which I can do, but the x-section is starting at 0.00 elev and I am at a 10.00 to 80.00 elevation which makes my 80 elevation sections 1 per page. how do i correct this?

    with the elevation at 10 I can fit 3 sections per page but at the other end of the project the elevation is 80.0 and the x-section view starts at 0 on every page. How is this corrected so I get a standard view everytime
    mark porter
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  • Creating a macro that generates new layers based on active layers, and populate them with Z values for points in the same color as the original layer.

    I would like to create a macro that 1: foreach layer I have active creates an additional layer of the same name but with the suffix "txt". 2: Gives each new layer the same color as the layer it was based upon. 3: Popu...
    Christian Andersson
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  • TML Developer - Revenant Solutions

    Revenant Solutions LLC is an independent software developer based in Westminster, Colorado.   After developing Business Center - Heavy Construction Edition for 12 years, Revenant Solutions was formed in 2018 with...
    Quan Mueller
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  • 03 Configuring Your Visual Studio Project

    The Macro SDK template contains all of the structure and configurations you need to get started. These include: Links to program DLLs Environments and references Setup for debugging Making TBC Controls Available in...
    David Kosakowski
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  • Introducing: Accupoint TML Development

      Hi All   We are happy to announce that we are throwing our hat into the ring.  Accupoint has engaged with Revenant Solutions to bring a few Macros to the market, beginning with a focus on Field Data...
    Nelson Hays
    last modified by Nelson Hays
  • TML - Invert Color

        This simple TML is to invert the color of objects.  It will change the current color property, or the color 'by layer,' to the complementary color.     The primary use cases are cha...
    Nelson Hays
    created by Nelson Hays
  • TML - Relayer by Feature Code

    This simple TML is to re-layer Point objects based on their Feature Code.  Run this command to move selected Points to new or existing layers with the same name as the Feature Code attribute.     ...
    Nelson Hays
    created by Nelson Hays