• Volume and area between two surfaces

    Hello,   Could someone guide me in the right direction on how to calculate volume between two surfaces?  Also im looking for a way to get the cut area.   Thank you   Best regards
    witold urbas
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  • Access current project path/folder

    Hello,   I am having some problems finding the project folder/path. How can i access that information?   Thanks
    witold urbas
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  • TBC macros - documentation, printout etc

    Hello,   Im quite new to TBC macros and im not very used to working with MS visual Studio. Can i try my macros without launching TBC? It takes a while to restart tbc after every edit   Is there a documen...
    witold urbas
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  • share/sell macros

    Hello,   What is the intended workflow if i want to share(free) or sell macros?  I thought that TML status was created for this but i can not find a way of adding my own macros.   Thank you   Be...
    witold urbas
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  • "job report generator" tool

    Hello everyone,   I would like to create a macro that uses the "job report generator" tool from tbc. I have looked in the object browser but i had problems finding the what i should use. Is there someone that...
    witold urbas
    created by witold urbas
  • Creating custom reports with TBC macro

    Hello,   Im looking for a way to create a way of presenting and exporting custom (surface-surface volue)reports. Im thinking it might be possible to create something with TBC macros. But im having problems ...
    witold urbas
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  • Creating a macro that generates new layers based on active layers, and populate them with Z values for points in the same color as the original layer.

    I would like to create a macro that 1: foreach layer I have active creates an additional layer of the same name but with the suffix "txt". 2: Gives each new layer the same color as the layer it was based upon. 3: Popu...
    Christian Andersson
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  • Macro to select all DTM_Type_ground points and linestrings?

    Is it possible to crate a macro to select all points and linestrings in a project at once, instead of multiple selections with advanced select?
    Jason harmon
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  • Feature Request: "Undo" mouse-over doesn't update

    When using the "undo" function on the quick access toolbar, you can hover to review the mouseover, which gives you an idea of what function you are going to undo. When undoing multiple functions back to back, the mous...
    Devin Rogers
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  • I need to create X-Sections which I can do, but the x-section is starting at 0.00 elev and I am at a 10.00 to 80.00 elevation which makes my 80 elevation sections 1 per page. how do i correct this?

    with the elevation at 10 I can fit 3 sections per page but at the other end of the project the elevation is 80.0 and the x-section view starts at 0 on every page. How is this corrected so I get a standard view everytime
    mark porter
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  • Select all points with Media Folder

    This may not need to be a macro but may be the perfect scenario for one:  we are trying to export all points that have media folders attached, and include the media folder in the export to google earth.  The...
    Dean Teska
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  • Parabola for Bridge Grades

    I had a guy ask me for an easier way to put Dead Load Deflections into his elevations for bridge beams. So theoretically you would select a line, calculate a spacing either by interval or dividing it by an equal numbe...
    Shea Huckaby
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  • How the classification algorithm work behind the TBC version 5.0?

    Hello, I have question about Pole classification using TBC version 5.0 I have MLS data (refer into figure), I want to detect pole but the pole cannot be detected as well. Anyone know how the algorithm work behind the...
    Atika Marwati
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  • Calling TBC Command from custom Macro

    Hi,   I've just started with Macros SDK in Trimble Business Center and I'm struggling a bit to find any learning material. I was wondering if it's possible to call an existing command from my python macro?...
    Grzegorz Piotrowski
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  • Is there something like "iline" in Terramodel.

    I am looking to see if there is a command to create multiple points at the intersection of multiple lines in one selection. In Terramodel, there was a TML called "iline". This would allow me to pick several lines and ...
    Sean McCarthy
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  • Create Point By Station Offset?

    I've heard there is a Macro that allows a user to create points from a line or alignment by using a station and offset and that the command will remain open after the values are entered. I have downloaded TML Status, ...
    Brandon Knight
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  • Can't link Visual Studio to TBC Macros

    Hello Good TBC Community,   I formated my system and now I'm trying to create a TBC MAcro, but unfortunately I'm not being able to select the TBC Macro option when creating a new project in Visual studio.  ...
    Rafael Bombardiere
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    I am looking for a truck turning radius TML similar to the one we used to be able to get for Terramodel.  I think Geocomp made the one for Terramodel originally.  We do a lot of design builds for grain eleva...
    Ben Ryschon
    created by Ben Ryschon
  • TML for creating line strings to tie together points based off point number

    Is there a TML macro that will create a line to tie together points based off of their point number? I'm trying to create breaklines from a simple set of survey shots and this macro would speed things up dramatically.
    Travis Bell
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  • Will the Best Fit Linestring sample macro be posted or uploaded to TMLStatus?

    I installed this sample macro during PUG 2.0 (April 2019) and I'm not finding it on this forum or when I run TMLStatus.   In TMLStatus, my copy shows up as a "local" TML - i.e. it's not registered w/ Rockpile ye...
    Quan Mueller
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