• Getting Unhandled Exception creating a WPF window

    a bit of a beginner - the WPF windows work well in everything except IronPython environment - any known issues - running IronPython 2.7 (32-bit) I can load the trimble controls  have tried 3 methods to create t...
    Ken Pile
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  • 03 Configuring Your Visual Studio Project

    The Macro SDK template contains all of the structure and configurations you need to get started. These include: Links to program DLLs Environments and references Setup for debugging Making TBC Controls Available in...
    David Kosakowski
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  • TML - OffsetSurface

    The OffsetSurface TML is included in the TBC 5.0 install but I have updated it to include support for adding a clipping boundary while it copies the surface. The clipping boundary is optional. If you download this zip...
    Gary Lantaff
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  • Sample TML DrillPlanExport.zip

    Gary Lantaff
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  • Can we use C# to create commands

    in TBC 5.0 the new macro commands could be created by C# or only by IronPython ?   Regards
    mohammed nour
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  • Trimble Macros SDK.msi (Updated for VS 2019)

    This SDK should be installed after installing Visual Studio. If you upgrade from Visual Studio 2017 to 2019, uninstall the SDK and install again in order to have project template placed in the correct location for VS ...
    David Kosakowski
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  • TML - Explode Surface

    Simple TML to explode a surface into lines and "cad points". The lines are attached to the cad points by reference so if you move one of the points, all the lines connected to it will move.  
    Gary Lantaff
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  • is anyone working on TML for the drill module?

    good day I am trying to get started on writing a macro for drilling module are there any TML's I can refer to
    Brice Kgetsane
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  • Can't add "tbcMacros" to MSVS17 Project setup

    I'm trying to setup Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community with the TBC Python project and as per '02 Setting up IDE' guide. I've installed/uninstalled the Trimble Macros SDK.msi  multiple times but still do...
    Ray Volker
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  • TML - Adjust Area

    This TML will slide a line perpendicular to a reference line until a specified area is computed. There is an option to create a polygon object (containing part of the specified boundary) or just a line.    ...
    Gary Lantaff
    created by Gary Lantaff
  • TML - Copy Layer Group Members (V2)

    This TML will copy a layer group and all the layers (that have members) into a new layer group where the group and each layer is named the existing name with a prefix (or suffix). Just select the layer group and enter...
    Gary Lantaff
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  • Relayer by Selection Window

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    The macro TML - Copy Layer Group Members (V2)  works very well but there are many cases where I do not want to copy all of the linework in a layer group, I just want to copy certain entities and relayer them...
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • TML - Lines To AOI

    This is a simple TML to create Takeoff AOI's from the selected lines. The name of the AOI is taken from the lines name property.
    Gary Lantaff
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  • Error with Offset Surface

    I received the error below when trying to offset the surface in the attached vcl.  
    Patrick L'heureux
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  • How to Highlight Objects

    I am working on a script to find certain objects in TBC. Now I need to get TBC to highlight the results.   This is where I am stuck, can anyone post a good example of how to do this in TBC?   Thanks Ramin
    ramin rad
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  • TBC Macros Presentation - Dimensions 2018.pptx

    By Gary Lantaff, Senior TBC Developer and Solutions Architect for Trimble.
    David Kosakowski
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  • TML - Site Improvement Legend

    This TML will extract the materials assigned to a surface and create a legend. There are two styles of legends. (Examples shown below) NOTE: This macro requires TBC version 5.0 (patch 1 - Released 1/18)   The T...
    Gary Lantaff
    created by Gary Lantaff
  • Macro to Create AOI from Named Linework

    Has anyone created, or is working on a Macro to create Areas of Interest from named lines? Currently, with the name linework by text inside or by layer, we are still having to type in and select each individual Are of...
    Nathaniel Howard
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  • Problems Configuring Visual Studio

    First, I am totally new to Python and TBC Macros. I have stepped through the installation process very carefully and I hit a wall at the following locations. By wall I mean I don't get the behavior noted in the instru...
    Marshall Cant
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  • A Macro to add a prefix/suffix to a multiple surfaces at once

    I would like to put in a request for a macro to for the ability add a prefix/suffix to multiple surfaces at once.This would make organizing data from an engineer a lot quicker.   What I envision: A se...