Select baselines by processing status

Idea created by on Jul 25, 2017
    • Alexander Holsteinson
    • junning wang
    • Chris Power
    • Liam Curran

    When processing larger static surveys I have been taking the approach that I process each session as an individual project and use the merge projects function to clip the sessions together incrementally. This approach works well and saves lots of confusion. However as each session is merged, the software recreates unprocessed and unwanted baselines automatically. This is not usually a problem because the unwanted baselines can be easily identified by the fact that the processing status for the baseline is 'Not Processed'. Currently I am advising users to comb through the sessions list and select & delete everything without a drop-down arrow (which indicates there is a post-processed vector associated with the baseline). However this presents an opportunity for improvement, particularly when handling hundreds of baselines, because it may be a reasonable prospect to add the ability to select baselines by processing status to the advanced selection function. This would help simplify the workflow and make processing complex networks in TBC a breeze.