Relayer by Selection Window

Idea created by Patrick L'heureux on Feb 18, 2019

    The macro TML - Copy Layer Group Members (V2)  works very well but there are many cases where I do not want to copy all of the linework in a layer group, I just want to copy certain entities and relayer them 


    Examples of this:

    • Cross section Data
    • Profile Data
    • Phased work



    I think this proposed macro would be beneficial in project cleanup and when working on phased projects. The work around is to export this linework out as a dxf or dwg, reimport, and apply a prefix. I think a macro would be a big time saver.




    What I envision:

    • A selection windows for the entities to be copied and relayered
    • Command Options:
      • Field for Prefix
      • Field for new layer group
        • Default to default "Layers" group
        • Allow the user to pick from the other layer groups in the project
        • Have the ability to create a new layer group
      • Option to delete original linework



    Thank you and please let me know if you have any questions.