Feature request: Quick zoom in TBC

Idea created by Damian Macrae on Nov 4, 2019
    • junning wang
    • Titus Emanuel
    • Paul Munoz
    • Damian Macrae
    • Mark Horneman

    When working with point clouds in Realworks, there is a very handy function which I think is called quick zoom. It is basically a keyboard toggle that will zoom into where the mouse is currently pointing. This is really handy when creating linework as it saves a lot of repetitive mousewheel zooming in and out as you switch between straight and detailed/curved sections of the point cloud.


    With the SX10, I am doing a lot more point cloud work in TBC (for example, I am currently digitising sections of a highway overpass) and having the "quick zoom" option from Realworks would be a real time saver, and save my mouse wheel from wearing out :-)