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Can I make the Create Point - Offset Line function faster?

Question asked by George Henry-Schneider on Aug 4, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2018 by Alan Sharp

Roadways and pipe/utility work in my experience is based on stationing. I find myself adding points to my projects that are called out on plans with a station and offset. I use the Create Point/Offset Line function a lot. Even when the line is not a horizontal alignment I use the function. My pet peeve is that for each point it takes me seven clicks and for each point the seven clicks have to be repeated. When there are a lot of called out points such as an ADA area at a curb return, left-right curb data or even a sewer or storm group of items referenced on the plans it's a lot of repeated mouse clicks. Then when I forget to add a minus sign for a left sided offset I do it all over again. I have requested over the years to at least have a separate icon rather than going to the Create Point drop-down menu for each point. Does anyone have a more efficient way to do this task?


Currently I click on the drop-down menu for Create Points, then click on Offset Line. When the dialog box opens I click on the line I want to use then either enter the station/distance I want to use or an Object on the drawing. Next I enter the offset and click OK. This opens the Point information dialog with more clicking to generally just add an elevation and finally click on Add the point or just hit enter. Now rather then asking if I want to keep doing the same task again I just get a next point Northing query.