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A Few Plotting with TBCv5.1 Learning Curve Questions

Question asked by Jake Zwaan on Aug 27, 2019
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2019 by Alan Sharp

Using TBC.v5.1.  Have not installed the patch yet.   Just on forum, realizing there is a patch.


Want to improve our Company's skill as using TBC for Plotting Plans, Profiles, and X-Sections, for Corridors and for single and multiple plan sites.  Ideally overlaying our TBC data, on to pdf IFC grading plans, as provided from the owner.  

As a goofy Canadian.  Imported the Metric Templates to start with this setup.  The first learning curve project,

a simple corridor modeled from a pdf IFC design, released for use at contractors own risk as .dwg but no C3D corridor data files.  This is pretty typical of Canadian bid build projects.  Even then, corridor outputs from C3D design teams are often plagued with real world issues.  The corridor developed in TBC is not perfect, but good enough for field stake out to get the job built.


Needed to provide some design EL info, NOT provided on the IFC plans.  Spot ELs basically for the Site Supt to prepare for backfilling a new road over the structure.   Also a good reason to learn point labels and the smart text labeling options in TBC comparing to a surface.  Very slick. 


Here are the questions that this learning curve produced.....related to simple Plotting with TBC.


Q1) Using off the shelf plotting vcl template.  Why do the A0 to A4 plans have the Red Exclamation Dot?

Imported the file: Metric Sheet Template (All Sizes and Types).vcl


Q2) Attempted to place a Dynaview in plan, to build a sheet, and plot to pdf.  but the sheet layout does not seem to be able to create the then be able to plot it to a A2 pdf page.  I suspect a problem with my Custom rotated and placed Dynaview......that does not quite fit, but not sure how to correctly solve, or set this up on a sheet size I can plot to.  More importantly to a 11x17 size available for printing at the site, rather than an A4 or A2 size?  


Q3) Can you provide Step by step instructions, to Create a dynaview in a plan view, and have it represented on a Sheet Layout, rotated.  We come from AutoDesk view-ports, model space and layout tabs, and the layer settings to control viability.  Well versed in view filters and their use in TBC.    Just want to get these plotting steps dialed.....

1) single Boundary (the right size for right scale), 2) dynaview, 3) scaling from dynaview to Sheet Layout and Sheet size (typically 11x17), and 4) rotation method dialed.  Say rotated to align with a grid line, or a structure edge for example.  


Q4) Same questions for a 3D view....if possible.  Would be great to see some Saved Dimensions (delta X, Y and Z)  in this view also.  


Q5) Last question, previous questions elude to this, up here in Canada, we are a "hybrid units of measure nation."  As in we buy/produce paper and lumber, to US standard sizes, Letter, Legal, 11X17, and for large plotting, 22x34, 44x68 are common plotter sizes and roll widths (36"W and 48" wide).  But........we survey and typically build things in meters and mm; even though we use form-work and lumber manufactured in ft and inches!  


Any advice and/or assistance to setup a metric template.vcl (issued with TBC install files), setup with Letter, Legal, 11x17, 22x34, 44x68 sizes would be very helpful?  I have tried to start with Metric Sheet Template (All Sizes and Types).vcl


Thank you in advance to Alan, and Nick, and Trimble TBC developers and power users, for continuing to support us using TBCv5.1 for all our Earth Works estimating, take off, and Survey Data prep needs for both projects and pursuits! 


Last thing to solve, is presenting this critical for construction data in PDF plans, sections, and 3D views.


Look forward to my Thursday summary email, to read and review the questions and answers posted on the forum each week.