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RE: Ver 5.31 When will these things be fixed, improved, or changed?

Question asked by Marshall Cant on Aug 4, 2020
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2020 by Wayne Welshans

OK, this is a rant from a long time user (and fan) of Trimble Business Center. Every time I install an updated version of the software I am, once again, disappointed. I am a power user of some other very expensive, very sophisticated software and NONE of them have these types of issues. Considering the tens of thousands of dollars invested over the years it makes me wonder why I continue...


1) No other software I know of resets all customizations EVERY time there is even a minor update. Make the customizations "Sticky". All other software does it.


2) No other software I know recommends running a "cleanup utility" before installing an update. If TBC makes such a mess of things that a cleanup is required before installing an update, at least make it part of the installation.


3) No other software requires a third party solution (Rockpile in this case) to have a choice of color schemes for the interface. Light and Dark. Who made that decision to remove the Dark theme?


4) My opinion of the "new" Light interface is not very good. In fact the interface is awful IMO. Staring at a pair of 32" white screens for 10 hours is painful. The light theme looks like a crappy smartphone interface. I'll stop there before I really get going...


5) The Layer Manager: functionally it is pretty good. The size I make it is even "sticky" (of course until the next update). I posted this request 2 years ago:

"Would it be possible to make the column widths in Layer Manager adjustable (or auto-fit something like like Excel columns)? Then, make the adjusted column widths persistent so that when a particular project is re-opened the column widths are the same?

An alternate could be to make the Layer Color, Line Style, Line Weight, and Display Priority columns "auto fit" and the Layer Name and Group Layer adjustable.

I notice also that the "Protect" Column heading is truncated because the column is too narrow by default to show the full word.

The delete key doesn't work when editing group names."


6) Interface consistency. Others call this usability. I am used to the quirks of TBC and some would say it's no big deal but, for example. drop down menus behave inconsistently. Some you can click the field and get the drop down immediately, others you have to click the carat (inverted triangle) or double click the field for the options to appear. Basic stuff. This is particularly noticeable on large 4K monitors where carats are tiny little icons...


7) 4K monitor support. Basically it is the bare minimum. With everything set to use "large" icons, windows scaling set to 150 (recommended) there are still icons and labels on the interface that are barely readable or not consistent in size.


I 'll stop there. Don't misunderstand. I am a big fan of the software. Like many on this forum I use it every day, often all day. When I see fundamental features like the Layer Manager left "as is" for update after update, or no sticky customizations etc it bugs the hell out of me.


Overall, my opinion of the interface is that it is getting "ragged". Great feature updates override the usability of the interface. I think it's time for the development team to step back and do a cleanup. Heck, maybe they have a utility for that...


Very best regards,



PS: I have attached a screen shot of an Autodesk interface as an example. This is a 4K screen grab. Note the detail and consistency across the screen, the easy to see icons, the easy to look at color theme. For the cost, TBC should be at least this good IMO.