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Hide Layers Request

Question asked by Francisco Guerrero on Aug 11, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2020 by Alan Sharp

Correct me if missed the setting for this topic.  I do save my processed feature codes on my main project.  Some projects could more then other and will have Pre and Post topo's of the project. I am sure a lot of us after processing the points and getting the data we need we don't look at that layer any more.  So after trying to hide some layers that I use once or abit more,  I am unable to hide layer i choose not to see. 

I have click on the advanced view filter setting and it will hide all my used layers.  I keep all my topos at the bottom of my layer list, it is just overwhelming at time seeing so many layers.  I even place empty layers between useable layers.  This will be good on copied filters.