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Disappearing Buttons

Question asked by Wayne Welshans on Aug 17, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2020 by Andy Deveney

I have an issue that seems to be a personal issue, with various portions of the macro commands disappearing off the screen after moving the mouse cursor over them.  This has been happening for several years now, it seems to follow me from computer to computer when I upgrade, I'm not aware of it happening to anyone else, but if it does please chime in here.  I asked about the problem before as was directed to override the automatic detection for the graphics display driver and to update my graphics card driver.  I have tried all of the options available in the options menu for display drivers (DirectX 9, 11, OpenGL, etc., etc.)  with full system shutdowns and reboots in between.  I have tried every available graphics card driver, and various other settings options all to no avail.  I've also tried updating the BIOS, and changing a bunch of various settings within the BIOS and the graphics card options.  There is only one graphics card in the system, it does not contain an embedded one, at least not one that can apparently be turned off or on.  The graphics card in my current system is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, however this problem also existed in my previous two computers with different cards.  It makes it extra difficult to use any of the macro commands, and I would really like to get more into the Create Vertical Design macro.  The only other place this happens is on the Start Page.  It does not happen anywhere else in the software, only the Start Page and all the macro commands from both Trimble and RPS.  I've attached a brief video of the problem happening.  Anyone have any ideas?