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Francisco Guerrero
We use a online plan app that we upload our alignments.  The alignments are in CSV format and the PI N/E with radius is used.  For tangent lines only need the N/E.  The Geometry Report comes close, I would want the PI instead of the PC and PT.  Is there setting to change or a report I could use to that report in excel?
Matt Morris
Click to view contentIn the previous post in this series, we outlined the office configuration side for ArcGIS Pro or ArcMap for users of Esri Collector and the latest release of Trimble Mobile Manager (TMM). In this post, we describe the field side configuration of the workflow.   Configuration in the Field You can proceed with field device configuration by… (Show more)
Magnus Mellander
I have been working on a big collaboration-project for a while in TC Desktop. I have had lots of views and models. But today, to be able to access from my phone i chose to upload it to the cloud. That worked but now i can't access the views in the Desktop version? What has happened? How can i solve it? "The wheel" just keeps buffering. I can still… (Show more)
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Marian Plucinski
Hi,    I'd like the Plan View to be centred on the same point in both views, if I choose to Pan or Zoom in one tab, the same operation would be performed in the other tab.   Is it possible, while working with two Plan View tabs, to lock view operations so they would be performed on both tabs simultaneously?    Cheers,
Marshall Cant
I have to model a 3.1m diameter Penstock that is basically encased in a concrete structure with an additional 2 conduits running beside it that are also encased in the same concrete structure. The Penstock has several bends along with the 4% grade. Would the Infrastructure Module do the trick? I have attached a cross section that better… (Show more)
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Gavin Jones
Click to view contentIs it possible to flatten the alignment to create a schematic image/drawing   Something like below
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Katie Byron
Hey looking for different ideas on extracting data using TBC, from point cloud scans of individual steel columns. I essentially want to check how plumb each individual column is at predefined heights above the base.   My first thought is a thin cutting plane at the base elevation, find the center by averaging the points and using this as the… (Show more)