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steve schuler
I'm not sure if you even take suggestions for Power Hours, but I'd like to give one if I may; I would love to see one on "Creating & Editing Custom Takeoff Reports" and/or "From Takeoff Surface to Machine Control Subgrade Surface Workflows" Alan Sharp   Thank you!
Cael Neathamer
Hello,   I am trying to renew the license on one of our TBC keys and a, getting an error (attached). Any ideas?   Thanks
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Cameron Calver
Hi i am having issues with the TBC Site calibration   I want it to hold the ground (Total station MGA ) points fixed and then convert / transform the GNSS points (WGS84) to fix in with my total station points   It seems to be dragging the MGA points over to the incorrect GNSS points
Josh Weckert
When using the create point command it defaults to the lowest point number free in the project. ie 1. Then i can assign the point number i want and the point ID auto increments, all good But if i close the create point command and reopen it it keeps defaulting back to the lowest available point number.  Need to keep looking through project… (Show more)
Alex Culbertson
Is there a way to edit a linestring's horizontal coordinate by snapping to a point object without the elevation of the linestring being set to the point's elevation? Essentially, is there a way to 2D snap instead of 3D snap.   I am trying to edit the horizontal coordinate of an endpoint of a linestring by snapping to a point object but it keeps… (Show more)
Ben Wall
Is there a way to turn all the selected snap features off/on without going into the Snap Mode dialog display and deselecting/selecting each one individually?
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Mark Booth
I am having trouble with my CSD file in TBC. When I want to change system I get this message The newly selected coordinate system is invalid   It was working fine. How do I specify where TBC looks for CSD files Thanks
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Kirk van Maanen
In earthworks when I am doing an infield surface design, why can't I make a section to the left of my measured alignment? It doesn't let you add to the left, negative. You can only create a design from left to right not from the center to the left. 
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Jeffrey Ryan
Dear TBC Users,   Please see 'Check for Updates' in TBC to download the updated SiteVision AR Exporter enabling you to export points, lines, surfaces, areas, CAD objects, and utilities module objects from your project to Trimble SiteVision™.   Thank you! check for updates tbc trimble sitevision
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James Meyers
My current surface wire-frame color is white. Is there a way to change it back to black?      Thanks   James
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