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Karen Anne De Guzman
Is there a way for me to export a .dem or any .tif convertible file of my surfaces?    My workflow right now on producing such file is exporting my surface into a .dwg and recreate the surface using Autocad-Civil 3D and export it to a .dem from there. Would love to skip this step and directly export it from Trimble Business Center. 
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Matt McLean
Click to view contentGood day, welcome back to another TBC Tip of the Week! In this weeks tip, we will look into how TBC handles the drag and drop importing of files. Do you use it already? Did you know you can often skip the import pane all together? Let’s look into how this works and how to tell that dragging and dropping is the way to go! When a file is imported… (Show more)
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Community Manager
Welcome to the new Trimble Community!  You may have heard about us through the grapevine, or perhaps you saw a post on social media, or maybe someone referred you.  No matter how you got here, we are happy you’re here! I bet you have some questions, and we have some answers below to help you navigate this new experience and get the most out of it.… (Show more)
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Michael Maier
Can not find Touch Control App anywhere on new TSC7... 
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Saif Bin Darwish
I am creating Corridor template in TBC V5.0. With the help of Mr Alan Sharp I have progressed somewhat. I am looking at a solution for this specific challenge:   Please see attached file "Tie to Surface-1.pdf". I want the Daylight L Point to be at the Second or Last intersection of the Surface - not the first. Is it possible to do that.   When… (Show more)
Patrick L'heureux
There needs to be a cleaner way of exporting a trench template from one project to another. I watched Mike Carris's trick on this. Basically: Export out the run with the desired trench template as a vcl Import the vcl file into the desired project delete everything you don't need   In theory this sounds easy but you gain everything that is… (Show more)
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Gustav Alexander Choto
Click to view contentThis issue has happened a lot over the last few months with certain Revit models. I tried different computers to check if the PC was the issue. Something within the Revit models themselves seem to be the issue. There is plenty of hard drive space on all the computers I've tried. If I open a different model on the same computer, the Revit-Connect… (Show more)
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Bryan Bosch
Hi Trimble Support,   We discovered that a new release of the synctool is available. I think I missed the releasenotes of the new synctool? I presume some improvements are made by Trimble for the new release. We would like to know which changes you made.
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Adebisi Rasheed Abiodun
I am planning ti get the Trimble Catalyst but am in a bind as to the appropriate phone to use (a Tablet would be bulky for the intended purpose). The list of Compatible devices Samsung devices mentions the Exynos 7870 (J7) and the 7880(A5). I wonder of the A7 (Exynos 7885) would be appropriate. Am tending towards the A7 because its waterproof and… (Show more)
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