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Click to view contentHow do I get my traverse to close in on itself?  I have a traverse that was ran from 2 - 20 - 21 - 22 - 23 - 1, and then on 1 closed in on 2.  However when i go to adjust traverse, it will not close back into 1.   In the preview results I get "Traverse configuration error The end station position and end foresight point are unknown."
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Dzevad Krdzalic
Hello   I have three recommendations for TBC: 1. Old Trimble software Trimble Total Control has an option for automatic adjustment of independent vectors. I think that it should be implemented also in TBC 2. It would also useful to compare same vectors from different sessions. 3. Computing classical 7p parameters is also standard option of…
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David Thomson
We have been using a Trimble Yuma1 for about a decade.  The OS is Vista, but Trimble no longer offers the Win7 upgrade software so it will stay Vista.  It works with a ProXT antenna (mapping grade).     Someone gave us a Trimble Yuma1 with the Win7 OS and a ProXH antenna.  Both run Terrasync.  I tried out the newer Yuma1 with the ProXH antenna… (Show more)
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Mauro Arzuaga
Hi all i would like to know how to add more decimal digits to the time value when exporting points on TBC. I could manage to add more digits on the coordinates but i couldnt do it on the timestamp. Thank you all in advance.
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Eric Condemilicor
Click to view contentWhy is that when I process point to surface report shows numerical order after clicking "From" column but by clicking "show report" for final printing will revert back to the original order? Please see below Clients always complaining especially I have thousands of points to report.   I know I asked this before but the request of our clients and… (Show more)
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Casey Puyleart
I am an administrator for my company.  When I log into my Trimble account, I see my "personal" plan (which predates any sort of company setup in Trimble Connect) and my "company."  Under my Company, it says "No Products Found" and "No Members Found."   There is no link on there for me to ADD plans or members.  How do I do that????????  I've been… (Show more)
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Santa Julia
Anyone know how accurately is between TBC and Bernese software. I use want to create several control points using PPP technique. How accurate both software? Now I am using tbc. 
Kim Aubrey Franco
You created a surface out of points and then you will create a solid model by "pulling" or "extruding" (in SketchUp) down to an elevation. Not project because the output should be a model.   Thanks
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Matt McLean
Click to view contentHello fellow TBC'ers, welcome back to another TBC Tip of the Week! In this weeks nugget of usefulness, I'll go over making layers unselectable.    Do you have data you would like to see but not interact with? I can think of a few recent instances where I have! TBC has an excellent system in place for managing this. Read on for more!   Data… (Show more)
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