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aaron bundy
One for the TBC developers,   Having the custom reports is a great way to setup individual reports with specific information and business logo etc.   Having only 8 reports is very limiting, why not be able to customised every report so i can include the business logo and specific info i want to include/exclude.   In my case, all the GNSS… (Show more)
I recently finished my 30-day trial with Sketchup and need to buy a subscription. Whenever I attempt to buy one though, after signing into either my Trimble account or Google Account, I am never able to proceed with the purchase because I'm met with an indefinite loading screen. I believe it's attempting to access my cart but is unable to for some… (Show more)
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Hi There, Please can someone tell me how to change the autosave timing on my Sketchup for Web application? The program currently saves every time I make a change or add into the model, and this takes forever. Please, any help will be appreciated.
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Pady Mumba
Hello, I'm trying to connect tsc3 trimble access 2017.11 to trimble R10 Model 2  v5.34 but a message appear " unrecognized receiver type" Someone can help me to solve the issue.
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Fredrik Bergström
Hi!   I have had this problem earlier but with just some pictures, it does not matter if its .jpg or .png. I did get it to work in my earlier planset ( i dont know how) but now the problem is back again.   I have made a new planset and have placed my logo there. When i import the planset the logo is there but it does not show. It does not matter… (Show more)
Fredrik Bergström
Click to view contentHi!   Look at the picture. I have cut and fill area as a text in my XS drawings and also painted it red and blue. But when the 2 surfaces crosses each other the fill is grey and when there is a gap between the it uses my predefined colours. How do i remove the grey colour so that i get my predifined? The part wich i have market with an "X" should… (Show more)
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Alan Sharp
As I spend more time with Dealers and Customers, I have found that there are many things in Corridor Modeling that are either unknown or mis-understood. Over the next few weeks  am going to post some blog entries here that address a number of things that I commonly encounter   In the enclosed video - I cover the concept of Composite Modeling -… (Show more)
Patrick L'heureux
I want to use a closed linestring that represents the outer boundary of my design, select the points from a point cloud within this, and add these to a new region so that I can shut them off.   Create a short of merge surface effect if you follow me.    Is there a quick way of doing this outside of tracing that linestring with the polygon select… (Show more)
Dave E
I export to acad but hedge symbols are not recognised. How does anyone get around this problem? 
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