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Ronny Schneider
Hi, I've run this through our local SITECH support already but they haven't found an explanation yet. Maybe one of you guys has come across that issue.   We've got several Trimble Panasonic Toughpads running the latest Siteworks version. Recently we are unable to connect with them to our IBSS base station. Connection via radio or NTRIP works,… (Show more)
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Using the TDC 600 with Penmap and R2.  Seems there is many issues I am having with the usability of penmap. I am struggling to select a captured node for editing when zoomed in or out, even anytime really. Seems the scaling of the app chooses when this is only possible. Half the time it’s unresponsive to the touch of a node. Sometimes it will give… (Show more)
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Scott Threet
Most of my models contain several alignments, sometimes 30 or more, and personally I don't like having the screen clutter of all alignment labels on one layer or on the same layer as the alignment so I create a layer for those alignment labels: ex. Alignment 1 (the actual alignment) Alignment 1 Lab (alignment labels). Within the Create Labels… (Show more)
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Nicholas Klein-Baer
I haven't tried visiting the eCognition support community for about a year.  In the past it had it's own forum,  there was a ton of content, you could share and download rule sets, etc.    Now this forum is all I can find. Is the content from the old forum still around?
Samuel Egelhoff
Click to view contentI am seeing two instances of strange curve behavior. Please see the below images. Black background are snips from TBC. White background are snips from Siteworks Emulator.   Instance 1   When I check the design in the Siteworks emulator, I get the following curve. Instance 2 TBC Design shows correctly. vs.     The design is type:… (Show more)
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Erin Johnson
Click to view contentGood morning TBC’ers! Have you ever wanted to save a 3D model as a PDF for data sharing or presentation purposes? Well, today I will be demonstrating the Create 3D PDF command. The Create 3D PDF command saves your 3D model as a PDF which can then be viewed or manipulated in Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader as in the 3D view, enabling you to explore… (Show more)
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Juan Serpas
Can we downgrade form TA 2020.10 to TA 2019.11 using TIM. Is there any precautions we have to take for doing so?
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Rich Joslin
Click to view contentDoes anyone else experience this problem? I have been experiencing it for a couple of years now on multiple different computers. It happens randomly as I select a line. All of the line weights go to the maximum and the screen gets a white filter to it. I end up having to delete the plan view and reopen another one. It's been frustrating.
Joseph Torres
Click to view contentHello everybody.   The last couple of days I've been doing some drafting and plotting and it seems like the scale bar text is acting up. Not a big thing but come on this doesn't look and feel professional sending this to a customer, right? Anybody else having this issue? I've enclosed a picture. I'm currently using TBC v5.30. 
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