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Trimble in Autocad and Revit Inquiry

Question asked by Guest on Mar 6, 2020

Hi guys.  I just joined and wanted to know which Trimble software/hardware works best in both Autocad and Revit.  I know some companies use the 30K trimble machine, and there is the Trimble GPS machine that is about half the price. Depending on what everyone's experience is working with Trimble and exporting the points from either Autocad or Revit or both, and how easy it is to export the points from Revit to be used in either the Trimble machine, or inside Autocad.


In summary, if you could help answer these questions, I would really appreciate it.


1) Which software works best in both Autocad and Revit

2) Which hardware works best within the two

3) Can the trimble points inside Revit be imported and used inside Autocad, to later be used by the Trimble machine?

4)  Has anyone created a block within Autocad and added the trimble point inside that block (say, a lighting block) and have the ability to still assign individual point number to those blocks inside Autocad.  I know I can do that within the Revit families.

5) I assume that when we export points from Autocad, that it exports in the YXZ coordinate file, right?