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Alternative to Merge Surfaces

Discussion created by Adam Bower on Mar 7, 2020
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I'm trying to optimize my workflow with using the included "Finish design" surface in TBC.


For the moment, I am on hold with vertical design tools (too many bugs for me currently) and am not the biggest fan of the sideslope commands, but they do work well for other applications.


When it comes to jobs like the attached, it's much faster and more consistent for me to start with a "dirt" model, which consists of contour lines and all grading related features.

Then, I build a "road" model which I currently build using EP then offsetting lines. This is a surface I am comfortable with for roadway construction. It is built off of vertical profiles. In this example, I don't use any templates, just offsetting lines starting with the profile to EP.


I then create a roadway boundary, then offset it 2-3 outside of, in this case, back of gutter.


I then add an external boundary to my "dirt" model, then add the roadway boundary. The attached image is at this stop.

Normally I then have to merge the two surfaces which allows that 2-3' gap to connect the grading surface to the road surface (at the back of gutter). This seems to work very well for creating a nice clean surface. The problem is that once I have to merge two surfaces, no changes update into the merged surface. I was hoping that if I added each surface separately to the Finish grade surface included in my template, that it would act as a live merge surfaces tool. Unfortunately it ignores the boundaries when adding both of those surfaces to the finish grade surface. I understand how it works, I'm just wishing there was a way I could create that 2-3' gap easily and maintain a single live combined surface.

This entire process prevents me from having to break contour lines and all of that. The merge surfaces tool works very will in this entire situation, it's just dangerous that I don't always know the last time I merged the surfaces depending on how often I make changes.


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