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Point Clouds and File Sizes

Question asked by Bruno Ribeiro on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by Ankit Sulodia

Is there any limitation on the file sizes for Trimble Connect? I've noticed that it's not possible to upload files greater than 5GB through the browser version. If you try to do so, you get a pop-up saying to use Trimble Connect Sync to upload files greater than 5GB. The issue is that when I try to use the sync app the files greater than 5GB don't appear on the Sync Preview although they appear when you select the files to sync.

These files are point clouds and I want to share it with other members of the team. As you can see below, I've already shared the smaller file (LAS) which is appearing on other users but it's not loading on Trimble Connect Desktop (it's not loading in mine also). The only way of viewing the point clouds is downloading the file and adding it manually to Trimble Connect Desktop.



The first point cloud is the point cloud on the Server, the other two were added manually (locally). When we click the first point cloud it looks like it's loading but suddenly stops and the icon turns to the hidden icon (eye with cross line)