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What causes Select by Feature Code to be inconsistent?

Question asked by NC Short on Mar 10, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by NC Short

I'm pretty new at TBC and I'm trying to select all of the points in my project with a particular Feature Code (231 in this case). It's behaving in a very inconsistent manner. Using the Select Points tool under Selection Explorer, I enter 231 under Feature Code (and nothing else) and it selects six points out of roughly 100. If I go to GIS: Advanced Select, choose Data Type:Point/Data w-the following property/Feature Code/Equals/231, then I get the same six points.

However if I use Advanced Select's regular expression, Data Type:Point/Data w-the following property/Feature Code/Equals Regular Expression/^231, then I get 9 points. See attached screenshots. These points are not sequential/neighboring rows. The 'extra' points I get from using the regular expression include some but not all of the codes that are similar to 2311 or 231 10:06:44.


This is intensely frustrating. Can someone please clue me in to what is going on?