Danie Roelvert

TBC V5.2 Post-Processing Issues

Discussion created by Danie Roelvert on Mar 12, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2020 by Liam Curran

Does anybody else have any issue when post-processing static GNSS data since they upgrade to TBC5.2 (and V5.1)?

I did a post processing project in V5.0, then upgrade to V5.2 and re-processed the baselines and suddenly most of them had really bad precisions when being processed.

Example: I had a baseline of +-20km, occupation time of 30min. Results:

  • V5.0
    • Hor: 0.02m
    • Vert: 0.03m
  • V5.2
    • Hor: 0.05m
    • Vert: 0.09m

I cannot understand why there suddenly is a change with the baseline precision if it is the same data set.

I uninstalled everything and reinstall V5.2 again but the results stayed the same. I am currently sticking to V5.0 since I know it is working.


Any advice?