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Question asked by Ben Ryschon on Mar 25, 2020

I am having one hell of a time with this option to assign a code to your template instruction.  I have never needed them before but its is like it is forcing me to use it in order for certain things on the command to actually happen.  Like if you use a table for widening, or even if you have a rollover parameter assigned.  Whatever it is doing it will override the instruction!  Maybe I am missing something here but you need to be able to turn this feature off.  I have tried to use the unassigned and that doesn't work either.  And now that i am adding in subgrades because I didn't have time to create them first time through it is messing with the surface when in rebuilds.  Part of my finish surface is pulling data from the SG material codes and I think that is wrong.  I have never had this much problem in older versions.  And for the love of God will Trimble please come up with and way to manage all these instructions!!!!  You know left of center vs right of center, and same for pavements and subgrades!!!!!