Jeffrey Ryan

TBC Power Hour 4/1/2020: Field to Finish with Confidence

Discussion created by Jeffrey Ryan on Mar 27, 2020

TBC’s mission is to be the tool for surveyors to complete their CAD and survey office work efficiently, effectively, and accurately. After importing Trimble or third-party data into TBC, our customers can leverage TBC’s QA/QC, drafting, exporting, and plotting features to create a unique solution that we are proud to showcase.

In this session, we will demonstrate how to take total station and GNSS site data from the field into TBC, reduce into a usable digital form, and create digital and print deliverables:

- Quickly review, process, and edit feature codes used in Trimble Access field software

- Use quality assurance tools for field data with spreadsheets, surfaces, and properties

- Export to various data formats for client deliverables or interaction with third-party products

- Set-up a custom sheet template for plan set plotting and print deliverables


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