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Request for field software improvements

Question asked by ian bissonnette on Mar 27, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2020 by ian bissonnette

I have three more improvements that I would like to see added to Trimble field software. 


1-for survey pro and access field. When leveling the total station(S series), after looking through the plummet you have to spin the gun so that you have Face 1 towards yourself for the adjustment screws to behave correctly in relation to the digital level. To me it would make more sense if the default orientation was when the plummet eye piece is facing the user(or have this be adjustable)


Also would help to have a physical level bubble on the gun (visible when the plummet lens is facing the uset) because it is difficult to see the one on the tribrach. 


2-in survey pro. Maybe I am missing something but I don t understand why the enter button selects the Red highlighted button even when you scroll to another button and highlight it. I like that this quick Red button selection is there but if it is impossible to select somewhere else then I don t see the point. I would like to see the arrow keys and enter button act more like in Access where there is rarely the need to touch the touch screen. In poor conditions(heavy gloves) the physical buttons are easier and faster. 

Another option would be if the Red highlight moves to the most used or last used location then this could speed things up. 


3-in survey pro. When working in a mixed survey with both total station and rtk collection it would be nice to have the option to keep the internal data collector gps as default for geo lock searches. It is irretating to have to switch back and forth in the geo lock settings every time an rtk shot is taken. There should be an option to keep the internal gps as default for all jobs or use the rtk gps if you happen to have a prism with an rtk on top. This would also help eliminate a delay which happens when you switch to internal and the solition is poor for the first shots. 


Thanks. Good software. Just want it to be even better.