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Corridor Surface Will Not Update when I Correct Flagged Linework

Question asked by Brandon Knight on Mar 30, 2020

Many times I add 3D linework to a corridor using the Surface Members feature to add features that are difficult to create in a corridor model. Many times I get flags that inform me the linework between the two surfaces do not match or that an overlap has occurred causing a discrepancy.  In the past I would simply remove the linework, edit it and the add it back to the corridor model and rerun the surface.

In this instance I can see that the linework is correct but the surface has yet to "rebuild" correctly.

I am uploading the corridor in the hope that maybe someone wiser and smarter can point me in the right direction. The VCL has the few flags I am trying to remove and the linework that I cannot get the surface to adhere to.

Any help would be appreciated.