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Conflict with CSM when Positions and PFO co-exist - Explain Please

Question asked by Joel Cusick on Apr 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2020 by Matt Morris


I'm in the midst of training 35+ persons using the latest Positions ( on federal Windows 10 v. 1803 and higher OS while some folks are also using a computer with PFO 5.85 previously installed.


I'm aware of the CSM is somewhat, at least in the older days, shared.  I saw this with a computer running tbc, pfo, but now we are also using POSITIONS.


Persons with previous PFO working fine, then install, and this happended to 5 persons, but no one documented it, they were asked to "install" or "upgrade the CSM. They did not, and then the Extension for Positions won't engage - they again get an error, CSM is not installed.


What are the steps you recommend to recover from this.


I also on this computer have TBC, Positions and PFO.  I have two versions of CSM - one CSM, the other 64-bit.

Do you know which one of these goes with which product>?