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Why did I loose my Machine in v5.21?

Question asked by Ben Ryschon on Apr 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2020 by Lasse Hanberg

I noticed today when I went to up revise a design for my controller and machine that I lost my machine I had created previously in an earlier version of TBC.  Is there a reason for that?  I was able to create a new machine but I noticed the GCS900 v12.7 was not available.  Is this why my machine went away?  The machine folder is still in the Trimble Sync Folder but it does not appear in my controller manager in TBC.  I have not yet converted my data collectors over to using WM yet.  Last time I tried it was in beta and it was a mess.  So at this point I think I will stick with TCC through this construction season since it has already started here and switch over in the fall.  Right now I just create my designs and I push them to my selected controllers and generic machine I created and then I create the WM site in WM and add in the info from the machine folder instead of using the new work flow from TBC.  But by having the machine setup in TBC to run GCS900 v13.0 will this create a problem with one of my older machines that is running GCS900 v12.7?  Or does it matter once I load the svl and svd files to WM?


I guess the other question is how rough was it converting your TSC7's and T7's over to the new work flow?  I had major issues last fall trying it and lost data.